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    Can you name that road sign? Take this quiz and find out

    A couple of weeks ago, we challenged you to take a shot at a written driving test. The test wasn't designed for rocket scientists, but a few of you justifiably complained about the confusing verbiage in some of the questions, and the fact that some laws vary from state to state. Yeah, some of you ...

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    Could you still pass a driving test? Take this quiz and find out

    If you are like most of us, you look back at your first DMV-issued driving test – that one you took with a dull nub of a pencil while standing in a crowded room – and remember racking your brain over questions that not only made no sense, but some that were downright confusing. Whether ...

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    Think you're sharp? Take the Ford Doctors mechanical aptitude test

    UPDATE: I took the quiz again and scored a 92 - guess I do better when paying attention. This came my way from one of the listservs I subscribe to. A passing grade is considered 80%, and I'm disappointed to say that if you take it while trying to watch ER and finish producing a podcast, like I did, ...

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    Bored? Try the automotive version of Card Sharks

    So you think you know your cars? We all try to be price savvy when shopping for a new car, and those of us immersed in the car business assume we know what they are worth. Here is a quiz that will test your knowledge of vehicle values worldwide. The premise is to decide if the second vehicle ...


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