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    Rumormill: Montreal GP could be back as soon as this year

    Abu Dhabi is scheduled to hold its first ever Formula 1 Grand Prix on November 11 of this year. Due to tight capital, though, it is being reported that the event's organizers are behind on the building schedule for the race track and new support hotels. If that race gets replaced, rumor has it that ...

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    Canada plans new fuel economy standards at least as good as U.S.

    Canada's response to America's latest energy legislation and CAFE standards: a resounding "Meh, whatever. Call us when you're serious." The land of the maple leaf has declared that the new U.S. standards simply don't go far enough. Said the nation's transport minister, "We welcome the U.S. goal, ...

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    In Montreal, sell on Sunday, get pelted on Monday

    Quebec is probably the last place in North America where some businesses are still forbidden to open on weekends. Although the practice has long since dissipated in other retail sectors, car dealerships in Montreal still adhere to an archaic 35-year-old policy that dates back to when the Catholic ...

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    Montreal Auto Show: Locus Plethore supercar unveiled...almost

    Click on the image above to jump to our gallery of 25 high-resolution images The centerpiece of the 2007 Montreal auto show was supposed to be the Plethore, a supercar being developed in Quebec by HHT Locus Technologies. As we reported previously, the car nicknamed "the Quebec Bomb" employs carbon ...

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    Tabarnouche! French-Canadian journalist loses his license for speeding

    An automotive journalist in the Canadian province of Quebec was caught driving 222 km/h (approximately 138 mph) on a public road early Monday morning. Philippe Laguë was testing the Dodge Charger SRT-8 on highway 132 in Longueuil, near Montreal, and faces a fine of $958 CDN ($845 US) , plus ...

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    Canadian race shuffle: NASCAR comes to Montreal, CART moves to Tremblant

    To battle its image as a form of motorsport exclusive to the South, NASCAR is going North – to Canada: "the True North, Strong and Free" (at least that's how the anthem goes). So with F1 drivers coming to NASCAR, NASCAR is going to an F1 track: it's been confirmed that next season's Busch ...


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