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    Official: Chrysler Group reports quadrupled Q1 profits on U.S. sales increase

    Chrysler Group had nothing but good news to share this morning as it has reported its financial results for the first quarter of 2012. The headline-hogging number is that the automaker's first quarter profit quadrupled from $116 million a year ago to $473 million this year. All that was on the ...

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    Tread-depth test should defer to quarter, not penny

    We've always found that our tires get squirrely in the wet before they fail the old penny test for tread depth. The Tire Rack, supplier of black round things and other accessories, are suggesting that the price of your safety has appreciated by 24 cents. For years, the penny test has been a quick ...

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    Subprime housing market hurts GM's Q1 profit

    The good news is that GM posted a profit of $62 million, which is the company's second consecutive quarterly profit. The bad news is that the $62 million represents a 90% decline in profits from the first quarter of 2006, which were $602 million. There is a silver lining: the drop is due to losses ...

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    Autoblog hits the dragstrip, Part II: We actually take a few passes

    Having offered up some tips on running the quarter-mile in a previous post, it's now time to line up and take a few passes ourselves. We did so courtesy of a close friend who was nice enough to hand over the keys of his '96 Impala SS; presumably, the favor will need to be returned once our own ...

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    Autoblog hits the dragstrip, Part I: A first-timer's guide to drag racing

    For gearheads, there's little better place to be than the local dragstrip on a cool summer evening. Indeed, for anyone with blood running through their veins, the words "Test-n-Tune Night" should indeed raise one's pulse and get Metallica's "Fuel" cued up in the ol' mental jukebox. Our ...


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