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    Ford touting quality equal to that of Toyota and Honda

    The Bloomfield Hills, Michigan-based RDA Group has found that Ford is on par with top-level stalwarts Toyota and Honda when it comes to vehicle quality. Ford managed 1,284 "things-gone-wrong" (TGW) per 1,000 vehicles during the first three months of ownership this year, statistically matching the ...

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    Ford's quality turnaround leads to free money

    Ford's quality record at the beginning of this decade was so bad, the automaker was spending billions on warranty repairs, while simultaneously turning off potential buyers in droves. The blue oval has been righting the ship for the past couple of years, with vehicles like the Fusion and Taurus ...

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    New Ford study is evidence of improving quality

    Many of us in the know, i.e. auto enthusiasts, are well aware that our domestic automakers have made significant strides in improving the quality of the cars and trucks they sell. We also know that it's been extremely difficult to shake their reputation of shoddy quality that may have been deserved ...

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    Aw, Snap! Ford delays release of Edge and MKX

    Ford informed its dealers yesterday that the Edge and Lincoln MKX crossovers will not arrive at dealership in mid- to late-November as previously planned, but would instead be delayed a couple of weeks until at least December. Joe Hinrichs, Ford's vice president of North American manufacturing, ...

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    New standards for heavy-duty diesels means more problems

    Those looking for a glimpse into the future of light-duty diesel reliability may be interested in a new study by J.D. Power on customer satisfaction with modern heavy truck powertrains. The 2006 Heavy Duty Truck Engine/Transmission Study ranked engines from the 2004 model year by quality, ...

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    Jaguar tops German quality survey

    You know when automotive journalists write articles for fun listing headlines you never thought you'd see on the printed page? Headlines like "Porsche builds SUV" or "Volkswagen to offer uber luxury car" come time mind... oh, wait... yeah, bad examples. No joke here, however - this post's headline ...

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    Cars making a comeback, Camry leading the way

    Automotive News is reporting that the 2007 Toyota Camry could be the first car to break 450,000 sales in one year since the Chevy Impala did it back in 1978. That is, if Toyota's production capacity can meet the challenge. Currently there are reports of people following car carriers with Camrys ...

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    Ford tacks on another two years to powertrain warranties

    Ford Motor Company is sweetening its warranty with an extra two years of powertrain coverage for its 2007 vehicles, Automotive News reports. The deal that covers all Ford and Mercury brand vehicles supplements the three-year, 36,000 bumper-to-bumper with a five-year, 60,000 mile powertrain ...

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    POLL: Top story to take away from J.D. Power & Associates 2006 Initial Quality Survey

    The pecking order of quality rankings was shaken up a bit this year thanks to J.D. Power and Associates significantly revising its survey process. With all the media outlets reacting differently to the results, we decided to let you be the judge of the most significant headline that could emerge ...

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    J.D. Power revamp should swing quality ratings

    The Detroit News is reporting that J.D. .Power is tinkering with its Initial Quality Survey for the first time since 1998 and only the second time since it was introduced in 1987, and the results could mean an increase in reports of problems by up to 40 percent. The changes affect the number of ...

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    Big 3's biggest challenge rebuilding trust?

    Detroit Free Press columnist Tom Walsh believes the Detroit Big Three are wasting precious resources trying to answer why Americans are not buying their cars. The problems are not prices or how to beat Toyota in environmental issues, writes Walsh, but that domestic automakers need to rebuild the ...

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    Ford changes how executives' benefits tied to auto shop bills

    Hee's a bit of news that surely had Ford’s executive eyeing Consumer Reports rankings on all of the Blue Oval's offerings...According to Jim Mateja of the Chicago Tribune, the recent 8-K form Dearborn filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission altered one of the factors that ...

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    Has vehicle quality reached its peak?

    Are the current crop of vehicles, from compact cars to the largest SUVs and trucks, the best consumers can expect from automakers? That is the question posed (and answered) in the latest Consumer Reports (CR) according to James Healey of USA Today. (Pictured is CR's 'Fun to Drive' top pick, the ...


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