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    Report: Former Honda CEOs chide current boss about quality

    Taking charge of a major corporation will never be without its challenges, and one of those – as Honda CEO Takanobu Ito is finding out – is filling the big shoes of those that came before. Ito's predecessors are apparently not pleased with what he's doing to the company, and are ...

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    Official: Lexus gets top brand marks from Consumer Reports; Ford, Jeep hit hard

    Consumer Reports has released its 2014 Car Brand Report Cards, with Lexus again reigning at the top and doing so with the same industry-topping score of 79 that it registered in last year's Report Cards. This year, the institute credited its lineup for being "usually quiet, comfortable, and ...

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    Report: Kia using quality and technology to increase sales and brand prestige

    Kia is a long way from hawking the anonymous lozenge known as the Sephia on our shores. That was only 1994, though, and in less than 20 years the company has gone from judging its aspirations against Japanese budget competition to walking auto show floors checking out the German standard-bearers ...

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    Official: Lexus, Mazda and Subaru top Consumer Reports Brand Report Cards

    A revised methodology in devising its annual Car Brand Report Cards has seen Consumer Reports award Lexus its top overall ranking for 2013. For the first time ever, the institute broke out individual brands from their larger corporate umbrellas, meaning car makers like Lexus and Scion were judged ...

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    Official: Volkswagen again named tops in Total Quality survey by Strategic Vision

    Global marketing and communications firm Strategic Vision has announced the results of its annual Total Quality Index. In the 2012 edition of the study, Volkswagen Group of America achieved the highest rating in Total Quality. This marks the German automaker's second year of achieving the ...

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    Opinion: What's the right way to read an automotive quality report?

    Why No One Quality Report Tells The Whole Story Quality remains one of the most significant factors for folks buying a new car. There's no question that fuel economy has become a critical consideration for most folks looking to buy a new car. But quality remains one of the single most ...

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    Report: Ford tempers expectations of improvement in J.D. Power quality survey

    Technology can be a fickle thing for automotive companies. Done right, tech can help sell cars. Done badly, and tech can sink a whole company's image. Ford is battling just that problem. Its Sync tech has certainly contributed to healthy sales recently, but customers started to complain with the ...

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    Study: Ford, Hyundai show largest increase in perceived quality, Honda tops

    ALG reports both Ford and Hyundai have seen substantial jumps in their respective perceived quality, with the Blue Oval enjoying a 37 percent jump since 2008. Hyundai, meanwhile, has seen its figures increase by 25 percent over the same five years. For industry watchers, the news should offer no ...

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    Study: J.D. Power reports vehicle dependability has substantially improved

    Remember the days of planned obsolescence? They're over. The latest J.D. Power Vehicle Dependability Study shows a 13-percent improvement in new car dependability over the first three years of ownership. The latest sample of 2009 model year vehicles shows the lowest rate of problems since the ...

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    Study: J.D. Power: More car buyers base purchases on brand reputation than ratings and reviews

    Reputation is everything, according to a new survey by J.D. Power and Associates. The 2012 Avoider Study found that 43 percent of buyers who steer clear of a particular model due to quality concerns do so merely because of common knowledge. Ratings and reviews – our stock in trade – ...

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    Report: Car and Driver calls out J.D. Power IQS

    Ford has taken it on the chin from J.D. Power since the carmaker rolled out its new MyFord Touch system in the 2011 Explorer. Ford's ranking in the influential Initial Quality Survey dropped from fifth last year all the way down to 23rd, in large measure because of customer dissatisfaction with ...

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    Report: Nissan rushes to grapple with poor quality survey scores

    While Nissan has never enjoyed the same stellar reputation for quality as its Japanese compatriots at Toyota and Honda, it has lately found itself in danger of acquiring the opposite rep. Nissan's performance on influential J.D. Power quality and dependability studies has been below average ...

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    Study: Strategic Vision disses J.D. Power, crowns VW and Ford quality leaders

    Quality studies can be funny things in the auto business. It's not unusual to have one completely contradict another, which can result in an automaker that was panned as a loser in one study claiming to be a leader based on another. That's exactly what Volkswagen and Ford get to do thanks to ...

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    Report: Mulally facing pressure to fix Ford tech and quality glitches

    Ford has had its share of quality issues with its fledgling MyFord Touch technology, and watchdogs like Consumer Reports and J.D. Power have taken notice. Bloomberg reports that Ford CEO Alan Mulally is all too aware of the automaker's latest technology glitches, saying, "We've had just a few ...

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    J.D. Power 2010 Initial Quality Study released, first time ever domestics lead imports

    Click above for a gallery of graphtastic images from J.D. Power and Associates
    J.D. Power and Associates has released its 2010 Initial Quality Study (IQS) and Porsche has earned back the top spot that was occupied by Lexus in last year's study. The annual J.D. Power study measures IQS based on ...

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    Video: Hastily made homebrewed Toyota recall commercial parody

    Click above to watch the video after the jump
    You know you've hit a certain level of notoriety (for better or worse) when hacks with video editing software and a sense of humor post a video on YouTube that pokes fun at you or your situation and people actually watch. Toyota's recall of over 8 ...

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    Detroit Free Press: Toyota led all automakers with most recalled vehicles in 2009 *UPDATED

    2009 has seen a bumper crop of automobile recalls. The Detroit Free Press reports that there were 15.2 million units recalled this year – nearly double the 8.6 million vehicles that were called back in all of 2008. And the leader of the recall pack was Toyota, with a knee-wobbling 4.87 ...

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    Toyota reverses decision, chooses to again seek quality over market share

    It was back in 2002 when Fujio Cho, then-President of Toyota Motor Corp., set the company's goal of achieving a 15 percent share of the global automotive market sometime after 2010. Seven years ago, it didn't seem much of a stretch as the automaker had already captured 10.7 percent, and the ...

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    VIDEO: What goes into German engineering - Audi's TechDay Quality

    Audi's TechDay Quality philosophy -- Click above to watch video
    Why are German luxury cars so expensive? Because of German engineering. And what is this whole "German engineering" thing all about? That's the question Audi tries to explain once a year when it takes outsiders through its quality ...

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    Chrysler vehicles 29% less broke than before

    Automakers want top-notch quality in their vehicles because a good reputation for quality sell more cars. The pleasant side effect of high quality is spending less to repair your own vehicles. Millions of dollars can be saved per one percentage point improvement in warranty costs. Cerberus was ...


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