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98Ford rethinking vehicle launch strategy

With a new boss at the helm, Ford is looking at new ways to improve its vehicle launches in North America to prevent recent issues that have popped up with models like the Lincoln MKZ, Ford Escape and Ford Fusion. Speaking with Automotive News, Ford's new president of the Americas, Joe Hinrichs, revealed a few ways the automaker plans to avoid early build issues such as the engine fires on certain 2013 Escape and Fusion models and months-long delays for customers to receive their MKZs.

30Watch Ford test the Escape for NVH issues in a portable chamber

All automakers test for noise, vibration and harshness (or NVH) during the development of new vehicles, but Ford Motor Company uses a portable "environmental chamber" that it can take to a specific plant to pull production vehicles from the assembly line for testing. In the case of this video, the portable machine was at Louisville Assembly Plant to test the 2013 Ford Escape during its early launch, but Ford also sent one to Mexico during the early build of the new Ford Fusion.

17Nissan hires away Consumer Reports auto test chief

David Champion, the public face of Consumer Reports automotive testing, is returning to Nissan. The carmaker has hired CR's former auto test center senior director and given him a newly created job: Executive Advisor, Competitive Assessment and Quality. Champion worked for Nissan from 1994-1997 as a quality assurance engineer, before moving into the world of publishing.

7BYD e6 begins life as taxi on the streets of Shenzhen as shocking rumor surfaces

BYD E6 – Click above for high-res image gallery

35GM reportedly holding up some shipments of Buick LaCrosse over quality concerns

2010 Buick LaCrosse - Click above for a high-res image gallery

31What's German for "kickback"? Daimler workers broke Mercedes' for profit

A master mechanic and two clerks, among others, are being investigated for intentionally sabotaging Mercedes cars being built at the Sindelfingen factory. Allegedly, repair shops in the area that weren't part of the Daimler corporation were bribing workers with gifts, trips, and cash to alter the cars so that the repair shops could get the contracts to fix them.

33Automaker Smackdown: Hyundai vs. Toyota

So, you're Hyundai. You badly covet more market share in the US, and your targets are Honda and Toyota. What would be better than to hire a defector from the other team? It's even better when the defector brings along plenty of top-secret information to share. That's just what engineer Bruce Shibuya did when Hyundai nabbed him from Toyota and appointed him vice president of the Hyundai-Kia North American Quality Center. Little details like non-disclosure agreements must have been lost in the shu

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