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    Quick Spin: Honda MC-β prototype
    Commuting Honda's Sentence In The Electric Chair 1388681820

    Honda is less an automaker, it has been said, and more of a motor company that builds vehicles into which to put its engines. That sort of perspective goes a long way towards explaining the mind-boggling diversity of the company's product lineup. The Japanese industrial giant makes lawnmowers, ...

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    Tokyo: Honda shows MC-β short-distance EV

    Taking a page from Renault and the Twizy – the page that says you don't need real doors on a tiny electric vehicle – Honda has unveiled a new version of its tiny MC-β EV. That's tiny in terms of overall size, battery capacity and range. Should it ever go on sale in Europe, the ...

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    Geneva: Belumbury Dany and Lallo Concept are every bit as zany as they sound

    Ask the representatives at the Belumbury booth at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show and they won't tell you how much the Dany quadricycle – available in both electric and gasoline versions – actually costs. Instead, they say that if you option the heck out of this little car, you won't spend ...

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    Maker Faire Detroit 2010: Big Dog quadricycle

    Big Dog quadri-cycle – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Friday afternoon, we had the opportunity to walk around the site of the first-ever Maker Faire Detroit while exhibitors were getting set up. Among the wheeled contraptions we encountered was the contraption you see above: the Big ...

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    Paris Motor Show: Ligier Be Two

    The Paris Motor Show isn't all about luxury and supercars, and Eric discovered this example of the oddities on display alongside the more glamorous hardware.Ligier Automobiles, a French company with an extensive competition history that includes its eponymous Formula 1 team, is displaying what may ...

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    Quadrazuma all-asphalt monster quad

    Volkswagen's recent foray into motorcycle-inspired cars with its GX-3 concept had us prowling the web for other hybrid creations, and we discovered this all-asphalt monster quad, the creation of French car and bike tuner Ludovic Lazareth. The Lazereth "Quadrazuma" is powered by a Yamaha GTS 1000 ...


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