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    Official: Polaris ATV gets novel non-pneumatic tires [w/videos]

    For the ultimate doomsday prepper, let us officially introduce you to the Polaris Sportsman WV850 H.O. Not only was this ATV inspired by the MV850 military vehicle, but it truly is an all-terrain vehicle with its trick non-pneumatic tires. Starting at $14,999, you too can ride the same ATV as ...

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    Opinion: Gibbs outlines sales plans for new BMW-powered $40,000 Quadski land and sea ATV [w/video]

    We've reported on news about Gibbs Sports Amphibians here in the past; the company has spent years developing products that are equally at home on the land and in the water. In fact, in addition to the (relatively) well-known Aquada amphibious car, we've know that Gibbs has been working on this ...

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    Video: Polaris quad with a 454 big-block? Why, yes... yes you can

    Big-block Polaris quad – Click above to watch the video after the break
    With a little blood, sweat and some good ol' American ingenuity, almost anything is possible. Whether or not "possible" equals "advisable," well... we'll leave that up to you to decide. In any case, at least one ...

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    Last Will and Testimony: Brimstone Quadracycle is a DeathwishMobile with a Bullet

    Brimstone Quadracycle - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Power-to-weight ratio – that metric might be the most meaningful performance measurement to consider when judging exactly what piece of machinery you should or shouldn't strap yourself into/onto. If you're the type that wants to ...

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    Talon Performance creates a quad only a mother could love

    Talon Performance is where "Innovation meets the street." That combination apparently yields results like the Talon Street Quad, a body-kitted 4-wheeler based on the Kawasaki KFX700. We think it looks like the innovation and the street got in a big argument, attacked a manatee with bats, and then ...

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    Quadrazuma all-asphalt monster quad

    Volkswagen's recent foray into motorcycle-inspired cars with its GX-3 concept had us prowling the web for other hybrid creations, and we discovered this all-asphalt monster quad, the creation of French car and bike tuner Ludovic Lazareth. The Lazereth "Quadrazuma" is powered by a Yamaha GTS 1000 ...


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