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17Chrysler vs. Pure Detroit "Imported From Detroit" legal dustup settled

Chrysler and Pure Detroit have agreed to a settlement in the legal wrangling over Chrysler's "Imported from Detroit" tagline. According to The Detroit News, the automaker and T-shirt purveyor have asked a judge to dismiss the lawsuits against one another. Terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

12Chrysler and Pure Detroit agree to "Imported From Detroit" mediation

Chrysler has a lot of proof that its Detroit-centric brand ads are a big hit, including the potentially illegal use of the "Imported From Detroit" name. Chrysler and clothing company Pure Detroit have been locked in a legal battle over the use of "Imported From Detroit," but it appears the two sides may be willing to settle out of court.

17Chrysler legal bid to halt 'Imported From Detroit' merchandise sales falls short

Automotive News is reporting that Chrysler has failed to stop a clothing manufacturer from selling "Imported from Detroit" apparel on the grounds of trademark infringement. U.S. District Judge Arthur Tarnow ruled in favor of Pure Detroit, saying that the automaker's request failed to show that the manufacturer would suffer any irreparable harm by the apparel company's actions. The judge also pointed out that Chrysler doesn't actually have a trademark on the "Imported from Detroit" slogan. After

54Chrysler seeks injunction to stop sale of 'Imported from Detroit' shirts

Chrysler has asked a judge to enforce a preliminary injunction to prevent clothing store Pure Detroit from selling t-shirts bearing the slogan, "Imported from Detroit." Chrysler asked for the injunction on the grounds that the public may be misled into thinking that the shirts came from Chrysler.

21Report: Chrysler suing Motown clothier over 'Imported From Detroit'

Chrysler is very proud of its "Imported from Detroit" slogan that debuted during the Super Bowl to much fanfare. It's taken the necessary steps to protect the phrase, which includes applying for for the trademark rights as it pertains to both vehicles and clothing.

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