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    Video: Here's the Youabian Puma in motion

    Want to know the low point of my trip to Monterey for last week's Car Week festivities? It wasn't the four-hour layover in Phoenix or getting stuck in the horrible traffic surrounding the event. No, it happened at the Concorso Italiano, when after strolling through the fields of gorgeous Alfa ...

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    Los Angeles: Youabian Puma is a $1.1-million 'pleasure vehicle'

    There is no proper way to describe just how big this car is. Not big in terms of its importance here at the LA Auto Show – we're talking about sheer size. This weird-looking, four-seat convertible is a full 242 inches long, 93 inches wide and 72 inches tall, riding on a 163.5-inch ...

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    Report: Ford of Europe denied small coupe, Mustang viability questioned

    Too often, we find ourselves pining for Europe-only versions of cars that will never be sold in the United States, but if a report from Inside Line is to be believed, this is a case in which The Continent's enthusiasts will have to watch from afar gets. Ford of Europe is seeking a new coupe that ...

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    Official: Ferrari hits the links with new golf gear

    Ferrari has teamed up with Cobra Puma Golf to add its iconic prancing horse to a line of golfing equipment including bags, shoes and a Ferrari-red driver. The Golf Luxury Bag and Luxury Duffel are both made of the same sumptuous Poltrana Frau leather found in Ferrari's GTs and Ferrari's leather ...

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    Official: Puma becomes RallyCross team sponsor, releases obligatory Gymkhana vid

    With a couple of high-level U.S. defectors from the RallyCross series into other motorsport disciplines there was a domestic vacuum at the top, and we know what nature thinks about that. Enter German shoe/sportswear Puma, which is throwing its sponsor dollars behind the factory-backed Subaru PUMA ...

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    Video: Ducati and Puma partner up for "Lean In and Ride" series

    Long before we ever threw a leg over a bike, someone once told us that the best thing about motorcycles is that if they were invented today, they'd be outlawed tomorrow. For some riders, the feeling that you're doing something illicit (and probably more than a little stupid) is part of the ...

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    Official: Ferrari renews deals with Marlboro, Puma

    Tobacco advertising has been banned from Formula One racing for several years now, but that doesn't appear to be deterring either Ferrari or Philip Morris. The two companies have just announced a renewal of their partnership over the team officially known as Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro through ...

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    Video: Puma puts the car in cardboard box... or maybe the other way around

    F1 car replica made out of Puma shoe boxes – Click above to watch the video after the jump
    All sorts of companies shell out big bucks to have their name associated with Formula One racing, whether by sponsoring individual teams, supporting aspiring drivers, or erecting trackside ...

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    VIDEO: Puma builds Ferrari F1 racer out of clothing

    Puma builds a Ferrari F1 car out of clothes - click above to watch the video after the jump
    People apparently love building full-scale Ferrari F1 cars. Whether made from 80,000 lego bricks, delicious chocolate, or $24,000 worth of carbon fiber, the legendary Italian racecars are a popular vehicle ...

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    Heel & Toe: Oregon designer dreams up Ferrari, Ducati sneakers

    Ferrari and Ducati concept Fila shoes by Olivier Henrichot – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Before Ferrari's vast merchandising empire teamed up with Puma to put prancing horses on anything from baseball caps to running shoes and everything in between, they were in bed with Italian ...

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    Gumball 3000 rally gets its own special edition Puma racing shoe

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the Puma Speed Cat 2.9 Mid Gumball 3000 edition shoe
    The Gumball 3000 is set for its 11th running next month, and as part of the rally, Puma, an official sponsor of the event, has released a limited-edition driving shoe. Named the Speed Cat 2.9 Mid Gumball, ...

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    GM and Segway's PUMA live reveal

    GM/Segway Project P.U.M.A. - Click above for a high-res gallery
    You know how the oil companies are all trying to become energy companies now? The new PUMA (aka, the Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility Project) from GM and Segway shows one way that auto companies could shift over to being ...

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    GM and Segway working on new balancing two-wheeler P.U.M.A. project

    GM/Segway Project P.U.M.A. - Click above for a high-res gallery
    Please hold a moment while we check our calendars. Nope, it's definitely not April 1. That must mean a General Motors tie-up with Segway must be true. The Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility Project (P.U.M.A. for short) will ...

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    Sneaking Rich: Puma by Schedoni

    Order a new Ferrari, Maserati or Lamborghini and you'll have the option of ordering fitted Schedoni luggage. The hundred-year-old leathercrafters are based in Modena, the same city where the exotic supercars are made, and the exclusivity and allure of their products rival that of the cars for ...


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