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Building out networks of publicly accessible charging points for electric vehicles is one of the biggest business opportunities that could be produced by a large scale transition to electric vehicles. With shorter range urban vehicles being the most likely BEVs to be useful to people, they will need somewhere to re-energize. Coulomb Technologies is one of a number of companies going down this path, along with Better Place.


The Goodwood Festival of Speed is taking place this weekend in the UK and electric vehicles will again be represented. Last year, a Tesla Roadster made its debut in the hillclimb race and this year there will be 13 electrics on hand. Elektromotive will be trying to ensure that they stay in running order by supplying four of its Elektrobay charging stations. The Elektrobays are the most commonly used public charging stations in the UK.


Madison, Wisconsin is a fairly typical college town, a place with a fairly substantial population of people with progressive attitudes on many issues. That means it has more people who ride bikes, take the bus, walk and drive hybrids than some other surrounding areas. It's also easier to find plug-in vehicles in places like Madison than elsewhere. Madison Gas and Electric can see the writing on the wall and wants to be ready for the transition to electrification.


Zurich, Switzerland is the latest city to hook up with the Renault Nissan alliance for the promotion of electric vehicle infrastructure. Zurich and its municipal electric utility, ewz, will investigate what it will take to make widespread use of EVs viable in the city and region. A public meeting will be held on March 23 as part of the "Zurich 2025" mobility and energy forum.


It takes more then cool new cars to move America to a nation of electric cars. Coulomb Technologies, the company behind the "Smartlet" charging stations, announced today that its resellers can now be found in 28 states. Public charging stations like the Smartlets are key pieces of an EV infrastructure, since there are about five times as many vehicles in the US as there are garages (247 million cars vs. 53 million garages). Coulomb's chargers are designed to (one day) work with vehicles from GM,


The Renault-Nissan Alliance had added another locale to its roster of partnerships for spreading electric drive to the masses. This time the Franco-Japanese alliance is hooking up with its US home base, Tennessee. The state of Tennessee and the Tennessee Valley Authority will work together to promote zero-emission vehicles. Gov. Phil Bredesen has committed to exploring strategies that the state can use to promote electric vehicles including a public charging station infrastructure. For its part


At the Plug-In 2008 conference in San Jose CA Coulomb Technologies has announced its new Smartlet charging stations and ChargePoint network system. The plan is for the company to sell the Smartlet stations to municipal governments and parking lot owners and then provide the ChargePoint network to provide a subscription based public charging system for consumers. The Smartlets are equipped with electrical metering and wireless communications capabilities. Drivers would get a subscription through

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