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21England opening first pub at highway rest stop this week [w/poll]

64 percent of the British public opposes the pub opening, according to a report from the RAC.

406Drunk Driving Campaign Shatters Mirrors In Mens' Rooms

What is it about public bathrooms that screams driver safety marketing opportunity?

A new campaign in the U.K. now has guys on the defensive in bathrooms. In men's bathrooms, in pubs across the U.K, the marketing firm Leo Burnett placed bathroom mirrors that simulate an impact.

AddAvoid DUIs with the PartyPub, powered by pedals

Of course, we never condone driving while intoxicated, and we always suggest using pedal-power over piston-power whenever possible, so here's a machine which satisfies both of those edicts. In all honesty, we're not so sure what the legalities of actually using a machine such as the PartyPub on real public roads are, but we can imagine that a pedal-powered pub could find plenty of use for festivals, block parties and parades.

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