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    Dead Again: WSJ says PT Cruiser indeed short lived

    PT Cruiser fans who were relieved to hear only the convertible version would no longer be built may, after all, have reason to mourn. The Wall Street Journal, quoting a Chrysler dealership owner, says the retro-styled wagon-like CUV is again on the company's hit list.No word on why Chrysler brass ...

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    Chrysler said to be planning wake for Magnum, Pacifica, PT Cruiser

    According to The Detroit News, Chrysler's product-cutting plan is all but official. The first three models on the chopping block, according to the newspaper's unnamed sources, are the Magnum, Pacifica and the PT Cruiser. The next round could include the Jeep Commander if it doesn't get its act ...

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    Enthusiast starts petition to save the PT Cruiser

    Scott Kissinger knows a thing or two about Chrysler's PT Cruiser. In fact, he knows enough about it to have started in 1999, before the the PT was even for sale.So as one who loves the PT Cruiser and who also has an investment of time and money in the nameplate, we imagine ...

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    And Chrysler's reveal today is... the PT Cruiser Sunset Boulevard Edition

    click image above for high-res versionWhile we harbored hope that Chrysler would break with tradition and formally launch the 2008 Dodge Caliber SRT-4 at Duggan's Pub on Woodward this morning, already the new Pentastar instead did what it's been doing for years: unveiled another special edition PT ...

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    Spy Shots: Dodge JC49 crossover, PT Cruiser replacement?

    Allpar is again on top of the JC49 game with spy shots of the crossover in even less dress than the last time we saw it. Looks like the news is pretty much the same, with Dodge getting a version of the Sebring-based crossover to be called Crew, and later on, Chrysler replacing the aging PT Cruiser ...

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    Autoblog takes on Gratiot: Cars don't have to be old to be cruise-worthy

    Click on the image above to view the high-resolution galleryAs big as the muscle car market has become, not everybody wants to spend their weekends working on a vehicle that gets 8 mpg while still reaching 60mph slower than a V6 Accord. For some, their everyday transportation has become their ...

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    DCX gets behind baseball with Tigers Cruiser

    More exciting than a rally cap, more powerful than the crack of Brandon Inge's bat, it's... The Tigers Cruiser!!! Quite possibly the best fanmobile ever, this modified PT Cruiser was created by DaimlerChrysler and Detroit NBC affiliate WDIV-TV Channel 4 in celebration of the Tigers' success in ...

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    Chrysler will share next PT Cruiser with Dodge

    Chrysler is hard at work developing a new PT Cruiser, which is no easy task considering the vehicle's throwback looks will be difficult to update while maintaining the wagon's charm. Code-named JZ49, the next generation Cruiser will also be joined by a Dodge variant, reports Automotive News, that ...

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    Chrysler intros PT Cruiser Pacific Coast Highway Edition ahead of Dream Cruise

    Chrysler introducing a special edition PT Cruiser the week before the Woodward Dream Cruise has become an annual event. This year the brand rolled out the PT Cruiser Pacific Coast Highway Edition, the twelfth factory-customized PT Cruiser in the model's history. This new special edition is powered ...

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    What comes next for the Chrysler PT Cruiser?

    Peter Valdes-Dapena has penned a nice piece examining Chrysler's options for the next PT Cruiser. It's an interesting question, as Valde-Dapena notes, because no retro vehicle has ever been substantially redesigned. Like the recent refreshening of the Volkswagen New Beetle, Chrysler's redo of the ...

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    What to do with the PT Cruiser?

    Automotive News had a chat with Chrysler execs about the next PT Cruiser, which is causing the company some sleepless nights. What do you do next with such a unique vehicle, so strongly steeped in retro cues? The car, which debuted in 2001 and has only had a small refresh since, may go on the new ...

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    Lithium PT Cruiser taxi cabs planned for NYC

    It seem like the most suitable laboratory for testing an advanced propulsion system is the engine bay of a New York City taxi cab, just ask Ford. Hybrid Technolgies has announced it is in negotiations with the NYC Taxi and Limousine Commision to get its lithium-ion battery-powered PT Cruisers on ...

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    German government calls out the PT Cruiser for tailpipe emissions

    DaimlerChrysler is on the receiving end of some flack from Germany's own Federal Emissions Agency, which is accusing the automaker of inadequate pollution controls on the European-market Chrysler PT Cruiser. The debate centers on the function of the PT's catalytic converter at high rates of ...

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    PSA: Driving with snakes probably not the safest idea

    An East Naples, Florida man has been cited for fleeing the scene of an accident, after crashing his Chrysler PT Cruiser into some barricades. Driver Courtland Page Johnson, 30, later told authorities he hit another car that braked suddenly in front of him. Johnson later conceded that he was ...

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    Hollywood's top-grossing automotive starlets of 2005? Glad you asked...

    Forbes' automotive listmeister Nate Chapnick has been at it again. This time, he's chronicled the top 10 vehicles in 2005's highest-grossing movies. Automobiles enjoyed a good year in Hollywood, from buxom Jessica Simpson's cavorting around in a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon in the Dukes Of Hazzard ...


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