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proving grounds

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    Online Find of the Day: You can own Honda's CA proving grounds

    Attention real estate investors, motorsports teams and all-around wealthy folks, we have found your next investment ,and all we ask in return is an open invitation. Honda has apparently decided to put its Cantil, California proving grounds up for sale, and we're drooling over the possibilities. ...

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    GM and Army open up new test facility on Yuma Proving Ground

    GM Desert Proving Ground Yuma - Click above for an image gallery
    General Motors and the U.S. Army have officially cut the ribbon opening the automaker's all-new Desert Proving Ground this week. Located just outside Yuma, Arizona, the testing facility is built on 2400 acres of leased government ...

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    Spy Shots: Chevy Camaro SS spotted

    Dodge is launching the SRT-8 model of the Challenger first. There's a head-spinning amount of variations on the Mustang GT theme. GM's not going to be left in the dust by the real-life rehashing of the late 1960s. An eagle-eyed member of the Camaro5 forums spotted an unusually dressed Zeta Camaro ...

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    Nissan's Motegi test center goes off-roading

    three high-res pics available by clicking image aboveLooks like Nissan is SHIFTing even more heavily into its truck development. With the popularity of crossovers, SUVs and pickups expected to stay strong, Nissan decided to add an off-road test facility to its Motegi proving grounds. Today they ...

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    Mazda christens new proving grounds in Japan

    Mazda Motor Corporation unveiled their new test facility in western Japan on Thursday, complete with an opening ceremony with local government dignitaries and high-ranking company officials including President and CEO Hisakazu Imaki. The facility, known as the Mine ('me-nay') ...

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    General Motors mulls relocating Arizona proving grounds

    General Motors Corp.'s 3,200 acre proving grounds in Mesa, Ariz. is on some pretty hot property, and the city is hoping the automaker will be willing to relocate in order to clear the way for new homes and other developments, according to Arizona's East Valley Tribune. GM hasn't made a ...


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