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    Track Daze: Project 318is at Buttonwillow, Day One

    Imagine your perfect track day. A dozen cars, dry tarmac and absolutely zero loose nuts behind the wheel. That's been our experience so far at Buttonwillow. We've had the pleasure of being invited to a private track event organized by Jack Fried, co-creator of the Lotus Challenge Series and ...

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    Project Track Slut Update: Prepping for the big day days

    Click either image for a gallery.As I type this, our BMW 318is is up on the rack, sans transmission, to replace the clutch and all the assorted bits that go along with the job. The last-minute clutch work, along with fitting a set of Hawk HPS brake pads and replacing the brake fluid with Castrol ...

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    Project Track Slut, Part Two: Suspension

    Click above for a high-res gallery detailing the installWith over 140,00 miles on the clock, the stock suspension of our BMW 318is project car was far from ready for its upcoming track assault, and the stiffer sidewalls and stickier rubber we fitted in our first installment accentuated the tired ...

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    Project Track Slut, Part One: Pick a weapon on the cheap

    Click above for a high-res shot of our newest project.As regular listeners to the podcast know, Project MR-S met its untimely demise when a truck driver clipped the rear end of our 2ZZ-powered daily-driver, spinning it into the center divider with my fiancée behind the wheel. Fortunately, ...


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