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    Project Track Slut, Part Two: Suspension

    Click above for a high-res gallery detailing the installWith over 140,00 miles on the clock, the stock suspension of our BMW 318is project car was far from ready for its upcoming track assault, and the stiffer sidewalls and stickier rubber we fitted in our first installment accentuated the tired ...

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    Autoblog Maintenance/Project Garage: 2006 wrap-up

    In 2006, we spent a lot of time spinning wrenches here in the Autoblog Garage in the process of taking on common maintenance tasks and a few performance upgrades. For your convenience, we've compiled links to each of the posts after the jump.We already have some things in the works for 2007, but ...

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    Autoblog Project Garage: Underbody rust mitigation

    Quite simply, rust sucks. Most any vehicle regularly driven during winters in the Salt Belt will fall victim to corrosion, and the various spray-on undercoatings available from the aftermarket have their shortcomings. Specifically, the spray-on application of these coatings often results in ...


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