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    Report: Mazda goes on engineer hiring binge as recovery picks up speed

    Japan's larger automakers – companies like Toyota, Honda and Nissan – have tremendous engineering talent at their disposal. That's largely because, selling as many cars as they do, they've got more revenues to tap into. Logic might dictate, then, that smaller automakers like Mazda, ...

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    Official: Ford posts record pre-tax Q3 profit of $2.6B

    Ford took in $2.6 billion in pre-tax profits in the third quarter of the year, making for a record trio of months that saw the Blue Oval's year-over-year earnings increase by $426 million. The earnings are being attributed not just to improvements in North American sales, but sales around the ...

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    Report: American automakers fall in latest Fortune 500 rankings

    Not that it means anything beyond bragging rights, but if you're fixated on the positions of domestic automakers on the annual Fortune 500 list, both General Motors and Ford are still on it but they've slipped a couple of notches. The list ranks American companies and they're ordered solely by ...

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    Report: Mazda books first yearly profit in half-decade, NA still a drag

    Automotive News reports Mazda has posted its first annual profit in five years. The company made $364.3 million in the last fiscal year, following a $1.14 billion loss the year prior. Operating profit also jumped up by $91.3 million to $572.8 million, thanks in part to a revenue increase of 8 ...

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    Report: Mazda's first profit in five years in sight due to weak yen

    Automotive News reports Mazda is set to turn a profit for the first time in five years. The automaker is more dependent on exports from Japan than other automakers based in that country, and as a result, it has long suffered at the hands of a strong yen. But the currency has declined in value by ...

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    Official: Chrysler earns $1.7B in 2012, revises product plans for US

    Hot on the heels of Ford's earnings announcement for the year that was, Chrysler today reported a 2012 net income of $1.7 billion, up substantially from the comparatively minuscule $183 million profit earned in 2011 when it repaid its US government loans. Chrysler's good year ended with an ...

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    Report: Ford admits consumer shift toward small cars will eat into profits

    Big, expensive cars and trucks equal big profits. Small, inexpensive cars equal small profits. The mathematics in today's marketplace simply can't be argued, and the result, as buyers increasingly switch from trucks, truck-based 'utes and big family cars into smaller sedans and hatchbacks, is ...

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    Official: Ford reports 58% drop in Q2 profits on European losses

    Ford Motor Company announced Wednesday that it has posted a $1 billion profit for the second quarter of 2012. That sounds like good news for the Blue Oval, until you take into account that Ford posted a $2.4 billion profit for Q2 a year ago. That is a substantial 58 percent loss. Ford also ...

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    Official: Ford books $1.4B, profits dragged down by Europe and Asia

    What a difference a few years make. Back in 2009, Ford Motor Company's North American operations were dragging down its earnings. The company reported a net loss of $1.4 billion in that year's first quarter when market share in the U.S. was falling but rising overseas. The situation today, ...

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    Official: Chrysler Group reports quadrupled Q1 profits on U.S. sales increase

    Chrysler Group had nothing but good news to share this morning as it has reported its financial results for the first quarter of 2012. The headline-hogging number is that the automaker's first quarter profit quadrupled from $116 million a year ago to $473 million this year. All that was on the ...

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    Official: Ford reports biggest profits since '98, still fails to meet estimates

    Ford has announced the company's single largest profit since 1998, thanks in part to a one-time tax gain. The company drew in a net income of $13.6 billion last quarter and the news marked the automaker's 11th consecutive profitable quarter. For perspective, Ford made $190 million in 2010. The ...

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    Report: GM hires agency to identify white-collar job cuts

    General Motors isn't happy that it's five-percent operating margin is less than the predicted seven-percent at Ford or the 10 percent at Hyundai. To boost its number, Bloomberg reports that GM has hired consulting firm Hackett Group to identify areas in which it can save on white-collar costs, ...

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    Report: GM projected to have most profitable Q1 in 11 years

    Most automakers have already reported earnings for the first quarter of 2011, but General Motors is still busy counting its loot. We don't know how well the largest automaker in the United States fared, but Bloomberg reports that GM could post a profit of $1.74 billion for the quarter. That would ...

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    Kia earnings up 91% to $890 million in Q1

    Automaker earnings have been mostly impressive so far, and Kia is no different. Reuters reports that the Korean automaker has posted earnings of $890 million for the first quarter of 2011, up 91 percent compared to the $466 million profit from Q1 2010. Overall revenue for the quarter was $10 ...

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    Ford earns $2.6B in first quarter, most since 1998

    Ford announced its most rewarding first quarter since 1998, with $2.6 billion in earnings on global sales of $33.1 billion. The earnings are up 22 percent versus the first quarter of 2010, while sales increased by $5 billion for the quarter. This large increase in sales was the biggest driver for ...

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    Kia reports record third-quarter profit

    In spite of a ridiculous article that simply will not die, Kia appears to be doing anything but going out of business. Hyundai's "weakest brand," as it was called, just posted a 66 percent increase in profit for Q3. Kia's home market sales, in South Korea, rose by 25 percent, ...

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    Report: Ford earns $2.1B profit in Q1

    According to The Detroit News, Ford has officially announced its fourth straight profitable quarter in a row. The company managed to make $2.1 billion in profits over the first three months of 2010, thanks largely to a rapid increase in sales during the first part of the year. The company saw ...

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    Toyota reverses decision, chooses to again seek quality over market share

    It was back in 2002 when Fujio Cho, then-President of Toyota Motor Corp., set the company's goal of achieving a 15 percent share of the global automotive market sometime after 2010. Seven years ago, it didn't seem much of a stretch as the automaker had already captured 10.7 percent, and the ...

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    Ford posts $2.3B profit for Q2, $424M operating loss

    Ford Motor Company is continuing to reverse its fortunes despite the globe's bleak auto markets, as the Dearborn, MI based-automaker surprised analysts with a $2.3 billion profit in the second quarter. Ford isn't dancing in the streets just yet, though, as it is still reporting $424 million in ...

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    REPORT: Porsche expects to book $979.5 million in profits for fiscal year

    Porsche may have gotten in over its head when it tried to take over Volkswagen outright, but that doesn't mean the German automaker is struggling to sell premium sports cars. The Stuttgart-based automaker is planning on selling 80,000 units in 2009 at an astounding profit margin of 12%. That's $979 ...


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