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production volt

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    Photoshop voodoo gives close-up view of Chevy Volt

    Click above to enlarge and view production Volt galleryAutoblog reader Michael C has a knack for seeing things we miss. In 2006, he noticed that an image of Bob Lutz lifting the veil on one corner of the yet-to-be-released 2008 Cadillac CTS could be easily manipulated in Photoshop to reveal the ...

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    VIDEO: Larger of view of production Volt, debut at centennial?

    Click above to watch a video with slides of the production Chevy VoltWe got our first sneak peek at the production Chevy Volt last week, but a recent presentation by Bob Boniface, director of design for the Volt, has revealed a bit more. We've pasted a video of the presentation and slide show after ...


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