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product placement

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    Report: Have you noticed that more tv shows seem like car ads? [w/video]

    With the advent of the DVR and streaming videos, companies are no longer able to rely on commercials to get their products in front of television viewers. Many companies, including automakers, have found an easy way to get around this by using product integrations. While product placement can be ...

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    Video: People on Elysium drive Bugattis

    Product placement in movies is a big business, but is it always necessary? This is the question we asked ourselves when watching the movie trailer for Sony Picture's new film due out this fall called Elysium – a 22nd Century story about the privileged and elite who live in their own ...

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    Report: Jaguar surprised by Mad Men cameo

    Product placement in television and film has become so commonplace that we almost expect any mention of a specific brand on camera to be paid for in full by the company in question. And so we might have assumed with this week's episode of Mad Men, but apparently that wasn't the case. The episode ...

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    Report: The story behind that wacky Mosler RaptorGTR video is even stranger than we thought [w/video]

    We've seen some painful product placement efforts revolving around cars over the past few years. Some of them involve movies or television shows, but more than a fair share come down to music videos. Yet none, absolutely none, can compare with the bizarre spectacle of Abby Cubey behind the wheel ...

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    REPORT: BMW using money saved from F1 pullout for more product placement

    Piece Brosnan with the BMW Z8 in The World is Not Enough
    You wouldn't know it if you weren't a serious film buff or marketing exec, but Propaganda GEM is responsible for a big share of the products you see placed in films. The entertainment marketing agency represents such brands as Audi, ...

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    VIDEO: Volvo goes after tween vampire demographic with New Moon promotion

    Click above to watch the video after the jump
    Paying for product placement for big-screen movies can be a pretty risky business. If the movie is a flop, doing so could be a big-time waste of ad dollars that could have been better spent elsewhere. But if the movie turns out to be a global ...

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    Forthcoming Mercedes-Benz E-Class convertible caught on set of Sex and the City 2

    If there's one television show we love here at Autoblog, it's Sex and the City. Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda – all aflutter over noontime glasses of Kristal, gossiping about Prada, Mr. Big, converting to Judaism for all the wrong reasons and whoever/whatever Samantha humped last ...

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    Product Placement Alert: Aprilia RS125 featured in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

    Megan Fox on Aprilia RS125 - Click above to view either image in high-res
    As you'd expect in the runup to one of this summer's most widely-anticipated movies, product placement announcements are rolling in fast and furious ahead of the June 24th launch of Transformers: Revenge of the ...

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    Hyundai Genesis looking for roles, sending out headshots

    Click above for high-res pics of the 2009 Hyundai Genesis V6Product placement inundates television imagery, from the blatantly branded soda tumblers on American Idol to more subtle appearances like what car Jack Bauer drivers. Looking to boost the profile of its new Genesis top-level sedan, Hyundai ...

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    The Bourne Ultimatum: Product placement done right

    We were well aware of Volkswagen's placement in The Bourne Ultimatum thanks to press releases out of Wolfsburg that prepared us for an epic car chase involving a Touareg 2. When an automaker brags about its product placement, we usually start worrying that the movie will be overrun with subliminal ...

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    And.... ACTION! Ford partners with film company for product placement

    Ford's been working with studios to get its product featured in films for years, one of the first being the original Batmobile. But the automaker has now teamed with Our Stories Films to target minorities with the production company's family-themed movies. Under the agreement, Ford will be able to ...

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    Ford disses Toyota's lack of Bond involvement

    Each new James Bond film, in addition to being an event in and of itself, is a massive advertisement for every single branded item seen on the silver screen. Whether it's 007's Smirnoff vodka, Walther pistol, or Aston Martin automobile, each item's appearance on screen is indeed a Very Big Deal for ...

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    Lotus gets a new spindoctor

    Lotus announced today that it has hired a new ad agency to help it along with a renewed push into the North American market. Burbank-based e2amp, inc. will be responsible for rejuvenating the British sportscar company's image in the US and Canada through advertising, product placement and ...

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    Pontiac product placement targets pulp fiction

    Pontiac is breaking new ground with product placement next month with "Rush City," a DC Comics production heavily funded by General Motors in an attempt to hock its Pontiac brand to men in their 20s and 30s. The six-issue series will debut on July 19. The Pontiac Solstice a ...

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    James Bond to rock Fiat bulldozer in Casino Royale

    Daniel Craig, the next James Bond, has already endured his fair share of controversy, and now the poor guy will have to while away the opening sequence in Casino Royale in a Fiat W190 bulldozer. This word, after we we reported last month that he'll also be driving a Ford Mondeo in the film. But ...

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    Product placement war heating up

    Product placement is a time-honored trend. We're quite sure that Ford is pining for a Bullitt remake, for example, but the war seems to be heating up. Exhibit A is Mission Impossible:III, where the Detroit News reports that General Motors and Ford had it out over whether Tom ...


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