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    Scratch that: Next generation Honda Ridgeline not coming in 2011

    A little confusion travels quickly. As long ago as last year and as recently as last week's Chicago Auto Show, the bed-happy gents at were told that a new Honda Ridgeline would be arriving sometime in 2011. Now the guys have been told by Honda, "That's not the case." The proper ...

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    REPORT: GM to speed up development of vehicles delayed by bankruptcy

    Prior to declaring bankruptcy, General Motors began delaying new products in an effort to conserve cash. The news was disappointing to enthusiasts and brand loyalists, but with its cash piles dwindling, the General didn't have many alternatives. Post-bankruptcy, GM finds itself with $40 billion ...

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    New Ford models cut automaker's lineup age by 2.4 years?

    2010 Ford Taurus – Click above for a high-res image gallery
    Ford is launching ten new or redesigned vehicles this year, bringing its line-up age down to a scant 2.4 years, according to a Merrill Lynch report. Product Chief Derrick Kuzak told the Free Press that the goal is to keep the ...

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    Chrysler completely reorganizing product development strategy

    Chrysler, LLC has announced that it's streamlining its product development process. For an as-yet-unnamed mid-size vehicle, Chrysler is creating a sort of central HQ that will house "every facet from design and marketing to engineering, including multiple dimensions within engineering including ...


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