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    Report: Ex-dealer alleges Fisker Karma pushed to market prematurely to meet DOE loan conditions *UPDATE

    Fisker has found itself struggling with a range of technical issues shortly after the launch of the company's Karma extended-range EV, from faulty battery packs to pesky software updates. According to one former employee, that's no surprise. According to GigaOM, the worker in question reportedly ...

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    Ford talks tough on quality, promises best-built small cars

    Click above for high-res gallery of the 2009 Ford Fiesta Not wanting to take second place to anyone, especially Toyota, Ford is vowing that its new line of Euro small cars, including the new Fiesta and next-gen Focus, will launch in the U.S. with the best quality in the industry. That's the ...

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    Forbes lists most recalled 2006 models

    Forbes' Dan Lienert studied the NHTSA's recall numbers for 2006 models and compiled a list of the most recalled vehicles sold in the U.S. The worst? The 2006 Dodge Ram with a total of seven recalls. It was recalled for a bad brake control unit, a defective front suspension, potentially faulty ...


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