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    REPORT: Toyota Prius wagon, SUV in the works

    Toyota Hybrid X Concept - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Exactly how the Prius name might shift from defining the world's most famous hybrid to its own sub-brand – "Not!" – or moniker for other Toyota hybirds – "Yes!" – has been a source of interest for quite some ...

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    No, really: Toyota won't create seperate Prius brand

    The idea of a separate brand for the Toyota Prius has gone from "seriously considering" to "not a 'go'" to, now, "Um, no." That's the word from Miguel Fonseca, Toyota's managing director in the UK, who says that there won't be a Prius sub-brand. However, Fonseca did say that the stork would be ...

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    Toyota: Separate Prius brand not a 'go'

    Click above for more images of the 2010 Toyota Prius
    Rumors from LLN that a separate Prius brand are "a go" are actually nothing more than a maybe. According to Toyota's own blog, the automaker can confirm that it's considering a hybrid-only brand that would see separate space in dealerships -- ...

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    Toyota seriously considering separate Prius brand

    This isn't the first time we've heard that Toyota might spin off the Prius as a separate brand much like Scion. But we now have the most concrete news about the automaker's plans we've seen yet.Micheline Maynard of The New York Times talked with James E. Lentz, president of Toyota Motor Sales ...

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    Toyota considering Prius sub-brand, dealerships

    Click above image for more shots of the Toyota 1/X hybrid
    There could soon come a day when you waltz into a local Prius dealership to purchase your next hybrid car. As Toyota did with the Scion brand, the Japanese giant is still said to be considering making an entirely new brand just for hybrids ...


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