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    Report: Ferrari president Montezemolo to run for Italian Prime Minister

    There have always been rumors surrounding Ferrari. But most of those rumors have revolved around its road cars, if not its Formula One operations: that the company is planning to build this type of car or that, that the team is planning to hire this driver or that one. But this one rumor that has ...

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    Report: Ferrari chairman Montezemolo calls on Italian PM Berlusconi to resign

    Silvio Berlusconi is used to opposition. The Italian prime minister has, with a few gaps here and there, been running the country since 1994. This despite numerous scandals and regular votes of no confidence that have threatened to kick him out of office. But this time around, Berlusconi ...

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    British political coup unearthed as "Project Volvo"

    A plan recently unearthed to de-seat the former British prime minister has got Volvo all in a tizzy. And it all comes down to image. Until just over a year ago, Gordon Brown (pictured above) was the British prime minister. That was before his Labour government was defeated by David Cameron's ...

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    Report: Israel orders million-dollar armored Audi A8

    2011 Audi A8L – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The President of the United States may be the highest target for assassination in the world – hence Cadillac One, his custom, leather-lined tank – but there's no shortage of people in the Middle East who'd bite that the ...

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    15,000 people want Clarkson as Prime Minister

    Jeremy Clarkson has been a staunch critic against, well, almost everything. His weekly editorials at the Times (occasionally peppered with a car review) have given Jezza a mouthpiece to rant and rave against everything from environmental degradation to speed cameras, and he's secured an ardent ...


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