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    Report: Porsche Australia price cuts in excess of $36,000 irks customers

    Have you ever gone to the store, only to become irked after learning that the new [*insert widget here*] that you bought just last week has gone through a price drop? If you're particularly thrifty, even if it's only a couple of bucks, you probably brought in your receipt to see if the store ...

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    Cheap gas saves Americans $1B per day

    The severe economic downturn here in the US has lead to all sorts of bad news. Layoffs, business closings, and bailouts dominate the headlines, and good news can be hard to find. One of the only reasons to hold our heads high has been the unprecedented drop in gas prices. The recession has caused a ...

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    Subaru cuts price of 2009 Forester to $19,995

    Click above for more high-res pics of the 2009 Subaru Forester Subaru has released pricing on the all-new 2009 Subaru Forester introduced last mont in Detroit and it's a whopping $1,200 less than the price of the outgoing model. This means you can put a brand-new completely redesigned Forester 2.5X ...

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    Hybrids waning? Toyota Camry Hybrid gets price cut

    A recent JD Power finding that hybrid popularity is giving way to more interest in diesel powertrains may have some legs to it after all. Even though gas prices have been hovering above $3 for months, Toyota is still trimming the entry price of its 2008 Camry Hybrid by about $1,000. To help pay for ...

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    Volkswagen drops price on U.S. Jetta

    Volkswagen's best-selling car in the U.S. will become even more attractive to car buyers in the 2007 model year, as the base price for the sedan drops by $1,410, to $17,105 (including shipping).The low-priced version will lose some of the features in the more-expensive 2006 base version.VW has ...


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