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    Rattner: Auto bailout saved Michigan from bankruptcy

    Without the government bailout of General Motors and Chrysler, the U.S. auto industry would likely have two fewer domestic automakers and hundreds of thousands of high paying jobs would be history. The Detroit News reports that ex auto task force chief Steve Rattner recently told an audience at a ...

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    Roll Up the Red Carpet: Obama reportedly not attending NAIAS after all

    When word got out that the amount of high ranking government officials requesting access passes for the 2010 North American International Auto Show doubled versus last year's numbers, we were less than surprised. After all, General Motors and Chrysler have received billions in bailout funds from ...

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    REPORT: Fed predicts it will lose $30B on auto industry bailout

    2009 isn't quite over yet, but we're pretty sure most automakers would rather forget that it ever happened. And while General Motors and Chrysler suffered the pain and humiliation of bankruptcy and workers lost thousands of jobs and many plants and dealerships closed, the good news is that the ...

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    House reportedly approves measure to restore dealerships despite bankruptcy blows

    One of the more controversial parts of the Chrysler bankruptcy was the decision to cut 789 dealerships by June 9. The move made for a quick, painful end to dealerships that in some cases spanned several generations of family ownership. When General Motors entered bankruptcy, it said it would cut ...

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    EPA reverses decision, approves California's greenhouse gas emissions waiver

    The saga of California's greenhouse gas waiver has come to an end with the EPA deciding that the state can indeed enforce its own GHG emissions standards for new motor vehicles. This means that, at least between now (with current model year vehicles) and when the 2012 MY vehicles arrive, California ...

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    Obama signs Cash-for-Clunkers bill into law, countdown to start begins

    President Obama has taken pen to paper and signed off on Cash-for-Clunkers, a law that could help the auto industry shake its year-long funk. The Transportation Department now has 30 days to determine the rules and regulations for Cash-for-Clunkers, placing the start of the program at the end of ...

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    Cash for Clunkers passes Congress, awaits President's signature

    After narrowly surviving an attempt by Sen. Judd Gregg, R-N.H. to strip it from a war-spending bill, the Cash for Clunkers program passed the Senate yesterday evening. Well, the $106 billion war-spending bill passed the Senate on a 91-5 vote, but the $1 billion scrapping program earlier survived ...

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    Obama trying to give biofuels a bump

    Currently, the United States isn't producing enough biofuels to satisfy the requirements set out by the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, and President Obama's administration is planning to do something about it. On Tuesday, Department of Energy Secretary Steven Chu announced a new ...

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    Dealer Association takes issue with Obama's 'buy American' stance

    There are two massive anvils strapped to the U.S. economy. American's have stopped building and buying houses, and nobody wants to commit to a new vehicle. During a recent speech, President Obama urged Americans go go out and buy a car to help stimulate the economy. That would have made the ...

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    Obama announces Chrysler bankruptcy, deal with Fiat; Nardelli out soon *UPDATED

    President Obama has just concluded a televised press conference where he announced that Chrysler will indeed head into Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings almost immediately. As part of the same announcement, he noted that the Auburn Hills automaker has reached terms with Fiat and will be headed into ...

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    REPORT: Obama planning to announce Chrysler bankruptcy tomorrow

    According to a report by Bloomberg citing the usual unnamed sources, President Obama will announce tomorrow that Chrysler will file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy while continuing to work on its alliance with Fiat.Bloomberg's source made it clear that the there are still several loose ends and the plan ...

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    Gov't rejects automaker restructuring plans, new deadlines set

    President Obama has just finished his press conference on the government's determination of the viability of General Motors and Chrysler, and the gist is that both automakers have failed to convince the feds that their business plans deserve further investment. Obama and his task force will give GM ...

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    LIVEBLOG: President Obama's press conference on the Auto Industry

    President Obama is scheduled to give a press conference today at 11:00 AM EST today in which he'll officially reveal his plans for the U.S. auto industry. Stay tuned and keep hitting refresh on your browser to learn the latest.Hightlights - Follow the jump for full liveblog- Gov't will give GM ...

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    REPORT: Obama OKs more short-term aid for GM and Chrysler, Henderson to replace Wagoner

    President Barack Obama has been busy this weekend when it comes to the auto industry. Following reports that General Motors CEO Rick Wagoner is stepping down at the President's request comes news that the Commander in Chief has decided to grant both GM and Chrysler additional short-term aid. The ...

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    So Cold in the D: Motown student pleads for auto aid in documentary

    Nicole Pentis is a high school junior in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan who has been making videos for five years. When C-SPAN sent out a call for students to make a video address to President Obama and tell him what they thought were the most pressing issues facing the U.S., Pentis grabbed her camera. ...

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    Obama's Auto Task Force to arrive in Detroit today, drive GM's Volt

    General Motors and Chrysler representatives have just gone through two weeks with President Obama's newly-formed automotive task force, and now it's time for the political types to gain some insight into automotive production. The task force is headed to Detroit this morning to get a crash course ...


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