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    Report: Happy Birthday! President George H.W. Bush buys son Neil a Chevy Volt

    It appears the right-wing wall against the Chevrolet Volt is starting to crumble. Following months of beating on the Volt, Fox News aired a puff piece on how great the Volt is earlier this week. Now we hear that former president George H.W. Bush has purchased a Volt for his son Neil as a birthday ...

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    REPORT: Cheney says Bush left GM bankruptcy for the next guy

    The writing's been on the wall for years: GM would have to declare bankruptcy if it had any hope of restructuring in order to survive in the long-term. And though the Obama administration's effective take-over of General Motors was hardly the first case of the government nationalizing a private ...

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    White House up to addressing auto aid, extra $25 billion could come from bailout package

    Word on the street is that President elect Barack Obama spent some time in the oval office yesterday with current President Bush talking about the auto industry, and the junior Senator from Illinois urged the President to address the automakers' dire situation post haste. The President seems to be ...

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    Obama promises more meetings with automakers if president

    Barack Obama has been less than friendly with Detroit automakers in the past, but he's promised to meet with them both during his campaign and afterwards if he makes it into the Oval Office. The presumed Democratic nominee told a crowd in Flint, MI that he would meet with executives to discuss ...

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    President Bush eases up on auto industry in State of the Union address

    We'll be honest. We didn't watch President Bush's State of the Union address last night, the final one of his second presidential term. Our disinterest can probably best be measured by the fact that the address being broadcast in high definition was the only draw for us, which got us to watch for ...

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    President Bush signs energy bill into law

    var digg_url = ''; This morning President Bush put pen to paper (no doubt one of those really cool American President pens) and signed into law the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, all 822 pages of it. As we all know ...

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    Mulally apologizes for frenzy over Bush joke

    "I'm gonna pay for that." That's what Alan Mulally said after beginning the now infamous "President Bush almost blew himself up" anecdote in his keynote speech to kick offf the 2007 New York Auto Show last week (video above). Truer words were never spoken by an auto exec. The firestorm that ...

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    Alan Mulally, super hero: Ford CEO saves President Bush's life

    Allan Mulally has already lived a very successful life, having helped save American icon Boeing, then taking over the reigns as Ford Motor Company's Chief Executive Officer. Now he has added 'the guy that saved President Bush' to the list. Mr. Mulally used his media audience at the New York Auto ...

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    Bush meets with Big Three, has open ear but no commitments

    We've just finished watching the coverage of a press conference held outside the White House following the president's meeting with General Motors CEO Rick Wagoner, Ford CEO Alan Mulally and Chrysler Group CEO Tom LaSorda. We attempted to watch the press conference live on Fox News, CNN and CNN ...

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    The Exorcist V: The devil stole our gas profits

    According to an AP item, some gas station owners in Oklahoma are actually dropping Citgo brand gas, blaming slumping sales on Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's statements about President Bush being the devil. Citgo is a state-owned Venezuelan company.Gas distributor Arkansas Valley says that it ...

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    Guess who's coming to Washington? White House to meet with the Big Two Point Five

    In the never-ending saga between the Bush administration and Detroit's automakers, a tentative date has finally been set for a meeting.During a radio interview, President Bush's political advisor Karl Rove confirmed that a discussion between GM, Ford and DaimlerChrysler would take place in ...

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    UAW chief flames Bush for failure to help automakers

    Ron Gettelfinger, president of the United Auto Workers union, took a shot at President Bush Tuesday for his failure to put forward a national industrial policy addressing issues affecting U.S. automakers, ranging from out of control health care costs to Asian monetary policies.Speaking at the ...

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    Wagoner critical of fed's lack of action

    Yesterday, General Motors CEO Rick Wagoner voiced his concerns over the federal government's lack of focus on the issues ailing the domestic auto industry. His talk came on the heals of a similar speech given by Mark Fields, President of FoMoCo, that aimed squarely at the contentious relationship ...

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    Bush and automakers delay meeting

    Bigwigs from DiamlerChrysler, Ford Motor Company and General Motors will have to wait for their date with the President. The expected meeting between the Big Three and President George W. Bush is now slated for June 2, moved back from the May 18 date as previously reported. The CEO ...

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    Automakers spared tougher CAFE rules - for now

    The U.S. congress gave automakers a break Thursday, as the House Energy and Commerce Committee voted down a proposal to require 33 mpg fuel economy standards (averaged over cars and trucks) by 2015.The same committee voted in favor of a bill to give the administration more authority to change CAFE ...

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    Ten states to file suit for tougher CAFE rules

    The New York Times reports that California, New York and eight other states plan to file a suit to force the Bush administration to impose tougher CAFE rules on SUVs, trucks and minivans. The suit claims the federal government's analysis of the environmental impact of the new fuel economy ...

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    White House seeks to increase average fuel economy requirements

    President George Bush may look to Congress for authority to alter the Corporate Average Fuel Efficiency (CAFE) requirements for passenger cars, as part of the White House's latest bid to gain some political traction on the issue of rapidly spiraling energy costs. An arcane attribute of ...

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    Bush wants to lift cap on hybrid tax credits

    President George Bush believes lifting the current cap on tax credits for hybrids and advanced diesels is one step the government can take to deal with soaring gas prices.The current tax credit scheme starts to phase out for a given brand of car once 60,000 vehicles are sold. Toyota's fast-selling ...


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