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    Report: Why men in the US still pay more for auto insurance [w/poll]

    It's not just your imagination – insurance premiums in the United States are still higher for men than they are for women. According to a recent study of 5,000 quotes conducted by (OAI), auto insurance quotes for men are still about 23 percent pricier than women's on ...

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    Report: Can removing your late spouse from your auto insurance policy raise your premium?

    The auto insurance industry is strange. While past driving history plays a small role in deciding a driver's premium, insurance company research on prior claims determines a driver's likelihood of getting into an accident. That's why it's more expensive for young males to insure their vehicles ...

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    General Motors helps employees get it up

    OK, the headline is crass, but it's true -- General Motors says it spends $17 million on erectile dysfunction drugs like Viagra and Cialis.  While it's a small chunk of the $5 billion the company spends on health care for 1.1-million salaried and retired employees plus their ...


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