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It's not just your imagination – insurance premiums in the United States are still higher for men than they are for women. According to a recent study of 5,000 quotes conducted by Onlineautoinsurance.com (OAI), auto insurance quotes for men are still about 23 percent pricier than women's on average. Plus, if a man and a woman with the identical driver profiles (same driving record, age and vehicle) received quotes for the same coverage, the man's quote would be more expensive 62 percent of


The auto insurance industry is strange. While past driving history plays a small role in deciding a driver's premium, insurance company research on prior claims determines a driver's likelihood of getting into an accident. That's why it's more expensive for young males to insure their vehicles than young females, and why married couples typically enjoy a discount on their coverage compared to their single friends. But what happens when a drastic life change moves an individual out of one risk po


OK, the headline is crass, but it's true -- General Motors says it spends $17 million on erectile dysfunction drugs like Viagra and Cialis.  While it's a small chunk of the $5 billion the company spends on health care for 1.1-million salaried and retired employees plus their dependents every year, execs are using it as a prime example of how screwed up the current health care system is.

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