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    REPORT: Ford sells off former PAG headquarters in Irvine

    Not long ago, Ford's Premier Auto Group was filling the halls of a big office building in Irvine California. In recent years, Aston Martin, Land Rover and Jaguar were sent packing, and Lincoln dragged itself back to Detroit, leaving the halls lonely for sole survivor Volvo, which is also headed ...

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    Ford stock up thanks to Kerkorian, Volvo remains "not for sale"

    Kirk Kerkorian's associate Jerry York stated last Thursday that Ford would do well to sell Volvo and extinguish Mercury. Coincidentally (or not) Ford's stock zoomed up to one of the highest price levels it's seen in the last six months. Tracinda Corporation, Kerkorian's firm, has expressed faith in ...

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    "How about we alienate our fans?" - Ford takes a page from the RIAA playbook

    var digg_url = ''; The internet has made it incredibly easy for groups of enthusiasts to communicate and collaborate. Gearheads benefit a lot from this. It's easy to share pictures of our beloved rides, and with ...

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    Cerberus joins group of financial investors to bid for Jaguar and Land Rover

    While poring over the RSS feeds today, we noticed a tiny article in Automotive News about Ford's desire to sell off both Jaguar and Land Rover. The potential sale has been in the news as of late, but this article caught our eye because it reveals a potential bidder with which we're all familiar. ...

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    BMW buying Volvo rumour circulates again

    Earlier this month, Autocar reported that BMW had expressed significant interest in buying the Volvo brand from Ford Motor Company early in 2007. The report claimed BMW had gone so far as to request financial data about the Swedish automaker.Yesterday, the Swedish newspaper Goteborgs Posten threw ...

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    Ford saves Crystal Cove meet

    CC is dead, long live CC. After getting the boot by the Irvine Company this past Saturday, Southern California car enthusiasts were concerned that the Crystal Cove car show would disappear all together. Not only were the car owners in dispair, but also the fans of these incredible vehicles from ...

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    Volvo's profitablity waning

    In Ford's Premier Auto Group (PAG) one manufacturer has stood alone, sustaining a high degree of prosperity in the past. However, in the last two years, Volvo has seen a decline in its new vehicle sales and judging by figures from the first half of 2006, those numbers seem to be dwindling even ...

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    Ford to go Oldsmobile on Jaguar?

    Jaguar must “find a way to fund its own future or face the consequences."That’s what Ford Motor Co. Chairman and CEO Bill Ford, Jr. told journalists in Detroit about Ford's “Big Cat." And the consequences? While the article didn’t state if Ford, Jr. was asked that ...


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