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    Video: Jason Schwartzman stars in Wes Anderson vintage racing short film

    As someone who doesn't profess to know a lot about Wes Anderson – I know who he is, and I've seen a few of his films, but that's about as far as my knowledge of the writer/director/producer goes – I can tell you that you don't have to be a Wes Anderson devotee to enjoy the short film ...

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    Hyundai launches Genesis Prada sedan in South Korea

    As recently as a decade ago, mentioning brands like Hyundai and Prada in the same sentence would have seemed laughable. But today's Hyundai is a very different company with a very different image. And no car could sum up such a transformation more than the Genesis. Two years ago, the Korean ...

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    Hyundai reveals Prada edition Genesis ahead of Seoul debut

    Hyundai Genesis Prada – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The devil may wear Prada, but what does he drive? Playing the field, the Italian fashion house has jumped into bed with both Audi and Hyundai for its foray into the automotive sphere. The outcome of Prada's venture with Audi has ...

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    The Devil Audi wears Prada: German automaker teams up with Italian fashion house

    For better or worse, the automotive industry has had its share of partnerships with fashion labels. Eddie Bauer edition Ford SUVs. Nautica edition Mercury minivans. Levi's edition AMCs. Diesel edition Fiats. You get the point. The latest collaboration brings together German automaker Audi and ...

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    Hyundai goes even more upscale with Prada Genesis

    Click above for two high-res pics of the Hyundai Genesis Prada
    Nobody blinked when Subaru and L.L. Bean hooked up. Or when Mercury and Nautica got busy. And remember those Levis Edition Jeeps? That actually worked. But South Korea's Hyundai and Italian fashion house Prada? Ummm. Just a few years ...

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    Driving Mocs from Neiman Marcus

    You've gotta love Neiman Marcus. As far as upscale department stores go, it's a motoring enthusiast's best friend. The high-end retail chain has been responsible for bringing the world – or a handful of moneyed clients, at least – a host of special edition automobiles that have included ...


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