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    Video: Modified Lightning McQueen Powerwheels is what childhood dreams are made of

    Evan here is one lucky five year old. In 2009 he received one of those Lightning McQueen Powerwheels, which would have been fun enough for someone his age. But according to the poster of this video, "after three years of use he had worn through the plastic wheels. We decided to upgrade the OEM ...

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    Maker Faire Detroit 2010: Power Racing Series, as grassroots as it gets [w/Video]

    Power Racing Series – Click above for high-res image gallery
    One of the highlights of this weekend's Detroit Maker Faire was the Michigan premiere of a new grassroots racing event: the Power Racing Series. The brainchild of Jim Burke, the Power Racing Series is like LeMons in that the ...

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    REPORT: 3-year-old takes birthday truck for ride - downriver for nearly 8 miles!

    We can't remember our third birthday, but we're pretty sure it wasn't as exciting as the big day of a young man from British Columbia, Canada. Demetrius Jones was celebrating The Big 3 with a ride in his battery powered toy pickup truck when he went missing from his family's campground.After a two ...

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    VIDEO: OverPowered PowerWheels + Winter = Big Fun

    Click above to watch videos after the jump
    Truth be told, we've always thought PowerWheels were underpowered, too. We just never thought of custom building them with a 110cc gas engine from a pit bike, four-speed manual transmission and electric start. Some other guys did, and watching their ...

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    Bring the Toys! UK's Totcars announces Christmas ride-on lineup

    Click image for photo galleryHere in the States, the kids lust after Power Wheels. On a recent shopping trip to buy my daughter her first real bike, she pointed at a red Power Wheels Mustang, and asked, "Can we get that?" One pink bicycle with handlebar basket later, the pint-sized 'Stang is but a ...

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    The Autoblog After Christmas Sweepstakes #3: Win a Power Wheels Jeep Hurricane!

    Congratulations to Alix, whose comment was plucked from obscurity among the 188 left on our last post. Alix will receive a complete set of Automoblox toys that includes seven vehicles, an expansion block set and a t-shirt. But now it's time to focus our efforts on the grand prize of the Autoblog ...

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    Repairing childhood trauma with Power Wheels Jeep Hurricane

    As a child who was a car geek since he was a knee-high to a back bumper, I coveted a Power Wheels electric vehicle over all the other toys in the JC Penny Christmas Catalogue. Power Wheels were magically self-propelled by something called ewectwicitee and cost hundreds of dollars ($8 bajillion in ...


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