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    Official: Nissan Leaf gets badged for police duty in Portugal

    Plug-in vehicles perform police duties for Scotland Yard (Vauxhall Ampera) and the NYPD (Chevrolet Volt) and we've all seen the little EV parking-enforcement vehicles, so today's announcement that the Nissan Leaf will be used as a police vehicle in Portugal isn't surprising. What's interesting is ...

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    Official: Volkswagen Amarok goes all Baywatch with Portugese lifeguards

    Get stranded in the waters off a beach in Portugal, and this is what you'll hope to see pulling up on the shore: the Volkswagen Amarok. In one of its first applications as an emergency vehicle, the Portugese National Institute for Search and Rescue has ordered a fleet of 14 of VW's new pickups ...

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    Portugal Prime Minister Socrates first world leader to take delivery of Nissan Leaf

    Nissan's Leaf is really getting around. On December 11th, Nissan forked over a Leaf to its first non-celebrity U.S. buyer. Nine days later, the automaker shipped 10 of its electric hatches to the offices of the Kanagawa Prefectural Government in Japan. Then, on December 22nd, Portugal took ...

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    First Drive: 2011 BMW 335is - Munich finally builds a special one for U.S.

    2011 BMW 335is - Click above for high-res image gallery
    It's fair to say that few automobiles have ridden atop their segment for as long as the BMW 3 Series has managed. Admittedly, there have been occasional frights from other German automakers or the odd Asian upstart, but it's as if Munich's ...

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    First Drive: 2011 BMW 5 Series is a smooth operator

    2011 BMW 5 Series – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The outgoing BMW 5 Series may have ushered in a dramatic leap forward in terms of dynamics, technology, safety and creature comforts, but it's the previous generation – the E39 – that Bimmerphiles still speak of in ...

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    Build Me! Portugal's LusoMotors GT looking for manufacturer

    Click to view the LusoMotors LM GT in our hi-res gallery Of all the European countries with established automotive industries, Portugal might not spring to mind first. But that's something that designer Ernesto Freitas is trying to overcome. His company LusoMotors has been behind such projects as ...

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    The Great Portugese Barn Find hoax debunked but still going strong

    var digg_url = ''; We receive a lot of tips here at Autoblog. Some implore us to check out camera shots of an Audi R8 spotted in Santa Monica, others relay breaking news in the industry, and still more are just ...

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    Portuguese priest gets chastised for indulging in sporty car

    Oh God, can it get any worse than this? You've managed to arrange the purchase of one of your dream cars. The only one in the country as a matter of fact. You get it and find that it is everything you ever hoped for in a car. This Ford Fiesta 2000 ST has the 150 hp mill that will get you up to 130 ...

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    Return to Portugal: Portimao building F1 track

    The venues just keep on lining up for grands prix. After bringing you news of Singapore's impending bid and progress on India's plans, the next contender is Portugal, which had a grand prix at Estoril from 1984 to 1997 but withdrew from the F1 calendar after that due to prohibitively high costs to ...

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    Disoriented driver rides the rails

    A disoriented Portuguese driver caused quite a stir yesterday when he drove his car through a subway tunnel. It happened in Portugal's second largest city, Oporto. Fortunately officials monitoring the security cams caught the car zipping past a stop and shut down the system before any incidents ...

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    New Kid on the Block: the Vinci GT

    Cottage-industry exotic sportscar ventures never fail to keep us entertained. The newest: the Vinci GT, a one-off concept, built by a collaboration between the Center for Excellence in Auto Engineering and the Auto Museu da Maia, in the Portuguese city of Porto. Not much information is available ...


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