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    Porsche denies rumored plans to sell itself to Volkswagen and swap CEOs

    Here at Autoblog reports regularly cross our desks suggesting all sorts of contorted deals supposedly being brokered between automakers. This one's in bed with that one, that one's selling the other but retaining a minority interest, another one's starting a joint venture with yet another while ...

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    Porsche raises stake in VW again, makes offer for Audi

    Porsche has raised its stake yet again in Volkswagen, going from a bit above 30% ownership in the German giant to a solid 35.14%. The purchase apparently gives Porsche, or rather the company that owns Porsche – Porsche Automobil Holding SE – control over VW. It released a statement ...

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    REPORT: Porsche considering 914 revival

    Click above for a hi-res gallery of the Porsche 914 Once every 40 years or so, when the stars are aligned just right, there arises the cosmic possibility for Volkswagen and Porsche to collaborate on a small sportscar. The stars in question seem to be Porsche chairman Dr. Ferdinand Piech, a spirit ...

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    EU grants Porsche permission to purchase VW

    Porsche is one step closer to its goal of purchasing Volkswagen. Back in April of last year, the German automaker passed the 30-percent mark, forcing it to make an outright offer for The Volkswagen Group in its entirety, which it did. Not too many VW shareholders sold their stake to Porsche, as the ...

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    State gov't holds on as Porsche aims to strip its power

    Porsche is embarking on a collision course with the government of Lower Saxony. The German state in which Wolfsburg, where VW is based, holds a 20.1% interest in the Volkswagen Group. But Porsche, which currently holds 31% of the company and is aiming to acquire majority interest, is on a campaign ...

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    Porsche may avoid CAFE penalty by buddying up with VW

    Porsche's forthcoming majority stake in Volkswagen has the potential to remove a CAFE-sized thorn from the automaker's side. After a failed bid in Congress to create an exemption for itself from the recently revised fuel economy standards, Porsche needed a way to increase its CAFE rating in the ...

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    Porsche ups ownership in VW to 51%

    The supervisory board of Volkswagen Group just gave approval for Porsche AG to take a majority stake in the people's automaker. Porsche currently owns 31% of Volkswagen, and this move will ultimately increase that share to 51%. The increase in ownership is estimated to cost Porsche upwards of $20 ...


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