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porsche grill

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    Car-B-Q: X-Series Grill by Porsche Design Studio

    Porsche owners have long reveled in their ability to smoke the competition on track and street, but now Porschephiles can also leave their marque's mark on the backside of burgers, hotdogs and ribeyes. Grill marks, of course.Barbeques Galore and Porsche Design Studio have burned the midnight oil ...

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    Porsche 914/G: Now that's a hot car

    Doug Burris of St. Louis has built what simply has to be the hottest Porsche 914 around. Literally. The blue 1975 model won't ever run on its own power again, but its remaining days will ensure that every time it's fired up (again, literally), it'll provide sustenance to all who gather around ...


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