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porsche design

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    Official: Porsche's latest Driver's Selection keeps enthusiasts happy at home

    Porsche fans – and there are certainly plenty of them out there, even in here on the Autoblog editorial staff – can be pretty emphatic about their enthusiasm, insisting that the 911 is the very definition of the sportscar. And for some, merely admiring one from afar or even leaving ...

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    Official: Porsche Design marks 40 years of industrial art-making [w/video]

    The Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, Germany, has opened the doors on a new special exhibition that celebrates the 40th anniversary of the Porsche Design Studio. Founded by Ferdinand Porsche in 1972, the studio has spent the last four decades designing luxury goods like sunglasses, writing ...

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    Official: You can now buy your very own Porsche Design Shuttlecock

    When using or wearing branded gear is cause to ask yourself, "Um, too much?" the answer is usually a resounding "Yes." If you're incapable of responding to this question honestly, then Porsche Design has created a new suite of accessories for you. The Colors of 1968 collection celebrates the ...

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    Official: Porsche Design opens new flagship store in SoHo

    Take a flight overseas and you may happen upon a Porsche Design store in an airport somewhere. That's because, while the automaker's product-design division has dozens of locations around the world, few of them are in the United States for a brand that is typically European in its focus. But all ...

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    Report: Porsche Design Tower opening in Miami complete with car elevators

    While Porsche styles its own sports cars, SUVs and sedans, its consumer goods division, Porsche Design, styles all manner of goods: watches, phones, yachts, bars, appliances, tools, toys, clothing and accessories... even condominium buildings. At least it does now as a new project on Miami Beach ...

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    Official: Yes, Porsche Design has made its own Blackberry

    While its styling has refined over successive generations, you don't buy a Porsche for how it looks. You buy one for how it works. And the same could be said of a BlackBerry. The favorite communications tool of businesspeople worldwide and a number of private consumers as well, the BlackBerry is ...

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    Porsche Design raises the bar with Johnnie Walker Blue Label Collection

    It's not often that cars and whiskey cross paths on these pages, but it does happen. One distillery manager began charging his EV off of spent barley. Another blended special bottles for Formula One drivers. Now Porsche Design has teamed with Johnnie Walker for the exclusive scotch packages you ...

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    Porsche Design reinvents the Dashboard watch

    There are many elements that go into making a Porsche a Porsche, and one of them is the minimalist dashboard. Ten years ago, Porsche Design, the company's Austrian product design division, took its cues from a 911's instrument cluster and designed a wristwatch after it. And now they've updated ...

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    Porsche Design shows you which way to go with retro compass watch

    Drivers of the Porsche 911 may find it amusingly easy to swing the tail around, though they'll have lost their sense of direction in no time. Fortunately, Ferdinand Alexander Porsche designed a compass watch back in 1978 that combined the functions, as you might have guessed, of a compass and a ...

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    Porsche finds new configuration for four wheels with a pair of street bikes

    If you were surprised when Porsche started producing SUVs and four-door sedans, wait until you get a look at these. Following recent bicycles created by (or for) the likes of Mini, Maserati, McLaren and Land Rover, Zuffenhausen's merchandizing division Porsche Design has just added a pair of new ...

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    Porsche Design hits new high water mark with stylish hookah pipe

    Some might associated Porsche with speed. Others might equate the brand and its products a feeling of ecstasy. Of course, if the boys at Top Gear bought a used one from the '80s, they'd probably claim to find a certain powdery residue left on the dashboard. But the latest offering from the ...

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    Porsche Designs sleek aluminum hard drives for LaCie

    Porsche is known for some of the sleekest driving machines on the market. LaCie, meanwhile, makes some of the slickest hard drives. Where they intersect is the latest range of external storage devices, penned by Porsche Design for LaCie. Collaboration between the two companies dates back to ...

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    Porsche Design goes downhill on another sled

    Porsche Design composite bobsled – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Traditionally, Porsche hasn't been a name commonly associated with snow. That was before the German automaker got into the SUV game, though, and maybe just as important for the impending winter season, the downhill ...

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    Porsche Design unveils million dollar advent calendar

    Porsche Design advent calendar – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Porsche is looking to help five lucky families celebrate the holiday season this year. The German automaker's lifestyle accessory division, Porsche Design, has come up with what has to be the world's costliest advent ...

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    It's about time to pay tribute to Porsche's first Le Mans victory

    Porsche Design P'6612 Dashboard Le Mans 1970 Limited Edition – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Some races come and go, but a handful remain inextricably intertwined with the very fabric of motor racing around the world. Races like the Monaco Grand Prix, the Indianapolis 500 and the ...

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    Porsche Design packs it in with new Travel Collection

    Porsche Design Driver's Selection Travel Collection – Click above for high-res image gallery
    If you're planning a road trip, there are worse ways than going in a Porsche. But notwithstanding the extra space afforded by the Cayenne sport-ute or the new Panamera four-door, most Porsche don't ...

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    Porsche Design makes a splash with P'6780 Diver

    Porsche Design P'6780 Diver – Click above for high-res image gallery
    You'd expect a studio like Porsche Design to come out with the occasional driver's watch. But a diving watch is quite a different story. In fact, this is only the second time the studio has made one. The first was over 25 ...

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    Porsche Design takes its P'9522 to the matte with new Black Edition

    You didn't think Porsche would let Mercedes-Benz AMG (or much less, Dacia) monopolize the use of the color black, now did you? Of course not. So while everyone else is going for blinged-out shiny this and sparkling that, Porsche Design has re-released its cutting-edge P'9522 mobile phone all in ...

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    Porsche Design gears up for the sunshine with new driving and sportswear collection

    Porsche Design Sport Spring/Summer 2010 Collection – Click above for high-res image gallery
    It may be getting colder across the country, but in Porscheland, things are heating up. The German automaker just took the wraps off its ultimate tribute to sun and fun, the new Boxster Spyder, in ...

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    Porsche family auctioning off watch collection

    Porsche family watch collection – Click above for image gallery
    Times are tough for the Porsche family. Amidst the merger with Volkswagen, their company just suffered a $6.6 billion loss. But we didn't think things were this bad for the descendants of Ferdinand Porsche until Bonhams ...


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