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porsche buying vw

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    Porsche and Piech families bury the hatchet, will probably be dug up again...

    Dr. Wolfgang Porsche, the head of Porsche Holding, and Porsche's group works council chairman Uwe Huck took time to answer Porsche staff questions about the impending takeover of VW. It appeared to go well enough: Wolfgang said the Porsche and Piech families met, and Ferdinand Piech, the head of ...

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    Porsche plans to take absolute control of VW November 26

    For a few years there at large profile gatherings in America – especially sporting events – people wielding signs that referenced the Bible passage "John 3:16" and said things like "Be prepared" and "The end is nigh" were a common sight. We wouldn't be surprised if signs began showing ...

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    Porsche gobbles up more of VW while takeover is delayed

    A procedural glitch, as opposed to Berlin-based intrigue, has postponed Porsche's plan to take over Volkswagen. The EU Commission requires a company to have a controlling interest in a company, or at least an agreement for such, before it will consider a company's application for regulatory ...

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    Porsche tells VW: We won't eat you until after the holidays, Merry Christmas

    Porsche got what it wanted with the repeal of the "Volkswagen Law", but has done nothing yet but stand over its prey, waiting for... well, nobody knows what Porsche is waiting for. However, Porsche CEO Wendelin Wiedeking has told VW that the smaller company will not make Christmas dinner of the ...


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