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Getting a bead on the target that is the so-called Porsche 960 is not easy, as the target keeps moving. First labeled the 960, then the 961, and now back to being called the 960, it is Porsche's take on a supercar specifically aimed at Ferrari – the latest report in Automobile says that Porsche's internal moniker for it is "FeFi," which stands for "Ferrari Fighter." Because it is expected to cost as much as the top-tier V12 Ferrari, Porsche wants the engine solution to justify the price ta

The haze around the mid-engined Porsche supercar being bred to fill the space between the 911 and 918 Spyder is clearing. A few months ago, combined intel from Automobile and Car was that the 960, a challenger to the Ferrari 458, would either be a coupe or a "four-door coupe" powered by a twin-turbo flat-six and priced "on the creepy side of 200,000 euro." Auto Express has just reported that the new car is "set to be called the 961" and cost in the area of 250,000 pounds, reflecting a lower pric

There's no question that Porsche is on the move. The company that once revolved almost entirely around the 911 has since expanded to include smaller sportscars, sedans and SUVs, and is showing little sign of slowing down. The Cajun is set to arrive shortly to slot in below the Cayenne, while the 918 supercar will anchor the top end of the company's product line-up. But that ain't all.

According to German site AutoBild.de, Porsche is prepping a new V8-powered flagship, and it could be wearing three digits on the back that'll strike a chord with motorsports fans. Rumor has it that this next Porsche superstar will be called the 961. If those numbers ring a bell, that's because Porsche created a 961 race car that only saw limited action. Based on the 959, the 961 ran three races before ultimately finding a home in Porsche's Stuttgart-based museum.

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