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64Mustang retakes monthly pony car sales crown from Camaro

Going back to their origins in the Swinging '60s, the Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro have been fierce rivals for fans' hearts and dollars. Historically, the Ford often led in volume, but Chevy took the muscle car top spot in 2009 upon the Camaro's rebirth. However, with the launch of the latest Blue Oval pony car, the tide is turning back in Ford's favor.

2172015 Ford Mustang GT [w/video]

The First Pony Car, In First Place Once Again

At 50 years old, the object of fantasies, a tuner's dream, a movie star and more than nine million strong, it couldn't be truer to say that the Ford Mustang needs no introduction. This newest Mustang, however – making the biggest changes we've seen to the pony car since perhaps 1964.5 – is something Ford has been introducing all year.

19Plymouth Barracuda still looks great at 50

April 17, 2014 is the fiftieth anniversary of the Ford Mustang. This isn't just the year of Ford's legendary pony car, though. It also marks the fiftieth anniversary of the debut of Chrysler's entry into the pony car wars - the Plymouth Barracuda.

53Ford trademarking 'Mach 1,' possibly for Mustang

A legendary name might be accompanying the redesigned, 2015 Mustang when it finally makes its world debut - Mach 1. Stumbled upon by the team at Ford Authority, the Mach 1 title was found in a trademark filing with the US Patent and Trademark Office, and would revive a name last used on the fourth-generation, 2003 Mustang.

AddLincoln Experiments With Crowdsourcing For Vehicle Design

Not every car design flies with the public. Designers today have an ever increasing challenge to design a car to be different, but not too different. And the rapid speed that car models are being envisioned certainly adds to the stress. But that doesn't mean the industry can't change; in fact, they have, they are, and what they are doing now is surprising.

71Report: Chevy Camaro poised to outsell Ford Mustang for first time in 25 years

It's been a quarter-century since the last time it happened, but Chevrolet's reborn Camaro appears set to steal away the yearly pony car sales crown from the Ford Mustang.

46Ford Mustang/Chevrolet Camaro May sales tally backstory

It took a full year for the Ford Mustang to regain its pony car sales title versus the reborn Chevy Camaro, but May sales totals show that the 'Stang has finally regained its mojo. The far more powerful 2011 Mustang plays a huge roll in the comeback, but after originally reporting the upset, Automotive News is now pointing out a second factor that helped the Blue Oval bring the May pony car sales title back to Dearborn.

32Saddle Up! 2011 Ford Mustang configurator comes online

They can keep their retail therapy, we have configurator therapy. It soaks up just as much time, you can get your "help" in your jammies, and provided you don't go through with a purchase, it's much, much cheaper.

119King For a Day? 312-HP Camaro V6 ends short reign of entry-level Mustang *UPDATE

2010 Chevrolet Camaro V6 – Click above for high-res image gallery

79Turbodiesel Ford Mustang? Could happen in Europe someday... but would you want it here?

2011 Ford Mustang V6 – Click above for high-res image gallery

104Mustang 5.0 wins first comparo against Camaro SS, Challenger SRT8

2011 Ford Mustang GT – Click above for high-res image gallery

1092011 Ford Mustang GT rocks out with 412 horsepower, 26 mpg highway

2011 Ford Mustang GT - Click above for high-res image gallery

33Reader Spy: Are you a new tuner Pontiac Firebird homage, the Chevy Camaro Z28, or something else?

Mystery Chevrolet Camaro-based prototype – click above for high-res gallery

412011 Ford Shelby Mustang GT500 order guide revealed?

2010 Shelby GT500 - Click above for high-res image gallery

37Ford V8 boss says no twin-turbo 5.0L for Shelby GT500

2010 Ford Shelby GT500 – Click above for high-res image gallery

52VIDEO: 2011 Ford Mustang GT shown rollin' with its 5.0

2011 Ford Mustang GT - click above to watch the video

49GM responds to more Camaro transmission failure talk on enthusiast forum

2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS - Click above for a high-res image gallery

171LA Preview: 2011 Ford Mustang V6 makes 305 HP, gets 30 MPG

2011 Ford Mustang V6 – Click above for high-res image gallery

202010 Hurst Mustang debuts as droptop pace car

2010 Hurst Mustang Pace Car - Click above image for hi-res gallery

128BREAKING: Early Camaro SS manual transmission failures reported, factory hold issued

2010 Chevrolet Camaro - Click above for a high-res image gallery

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