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pontiac solstice

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    What's the deal? Sky sales rallying, Solstice waning

    When the Pontiac Solstice hit the market last year, there was enough electricity surrounding the new model in GM's "Excitement" division to power a small mid-western town. That buzz has apparently dropped off in quick order. Whereas before, dealers were tacking on huge markups, there are now ...

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    Solstice coupe due in 2008, Torrent dead, RWD G5 under development

    Automotive News has been pumping out a ton of information about the General's future products, and between buffing fingerprints off the crystal ball and making phone calls to unnamed sources, they've shed some light on the future of Pontiac.According to AN, we can expect to get a hard-top version ...

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    Pikes Peak: Millen dominates RWD Time Attack class

    As expected, Rhys Millen and his Pontiac Solstice GXP dominated not only the inaugural 2WD Time Attack class, but when the dust settled, he was four-seconds faster than Nathan Conley in an '03 Subaru WRX Wagon competing in the 4WD division. Millen made it up the mountain in 12:45.153, while his ...

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    Pikes Peak: Millen posts fastest time in RWD Time Attack class

    For more years than we can count, we've threatened to make it to Colorado to experience the spectacle that is the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. Making it out this year was yet another logistical nightmare, so we've decided to live vicariously through our friends in attendance, while keeping ...

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    Millen set to run Solstice GXP up Pike's Peak

    The organizers of this year's Pike's Peak Hill Climb have added a new Time Attack class to the event, and one of our personal heroes is returning to beat the mountain into submission.Rhys Millen, the pilot of the 550 HP Pontiac Solstice GXP drift car, Pike's Peak veteran, renowned rally racer and ...

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    Review: 2007 Pontiac Solstice GXP

    2007 Pontiac Solstice GXP – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The Pontiac Solstice is the crown prince of the General's lineup. With curves and flares, bulges and rakes, it's the modern equivalent of the Coke bottle aesthetic of yesteryear. Sure, some may prefer its sheetmetal sibling ...

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    GM officially forms "Power Partnership" with Transformers

    click above image to view high-resolution pics of the entire GM cast of charactersDuring its sixth-annual "ten" pre-Oscar gala last night, General Motors made official what everyone already knew: it's going to be in the live-action Transformers film this summer. They had on hand some of the four ...

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    Green and gaudy: Pontiac Top Tuner Solstice

    Pontiac's foray into the tuner world has been partially stunted by the limited amount of available Solsti on the road. Fortunately for Pontiac, a Canadian customizing contingent that represents the best of what's up north, took it upon itself to create the stereotypical tuner machine (with 500 ...

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    CES 2007: Pioneer shows custom tC, Solstice

    Pioneer electronics rolled out two custom cars as platforms to show off their latest mobile electronics.Keith Losier and his team of plasma-torch-wielding Canadians converted an 2006 Pontiac Solstice to a neon green hardtop street racer with a 500 hp supercharged powerplant, 20s on the front, 22s ...

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    Solstice beats Miata in sales for 2006

    When the Pontiac Solstice first arrived on the scene, the buff books said it was nice but that the new generation Mazda Miata was still the better two-seat, rear-wheel drive ragtop. The Miata has, in fact, proven it's the best low-priced roadster in the U.S. by racking up significant and steady ...

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    Lutz definitely up for a Solstice Coupe

    The gents at Winding Road (you remember those guys, right?) got up close and personal with Bob Lutz at a recent media event and asked him directly about whether or not a coupe version of the Pontiac Solstice was still in the works. The answer Lutz gave was guarded, but it clearly indicates a coupe ...

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    EDAG Sportwagon hardtop for Solstice on sale in January

    Many of you remember shots of this hardtop Pontiac Solstice that features a hatchback-type rear end. The hardtop is a product developed by EDAG that's been in development for some time, but word is out that the EDAG Sportwagon hardtop, as it's now officially called, will be available in January of ...

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    Sky and Solstice evolve for the better

    There are a handful of things that have kept the Solstice and Sky off our list of favorite sports cars. The Red Line and GXP versions went a long way towards addressing many of those concerns. There remain, however, some infuriating little details that seem to want to ruin the whole experience for ...

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    SEMA: Pontiac Solstice Club Sport Z0K

    We really liked this one. Fun little track version of Pontiac's most flingable car. Orange must be this year's black, as it seemed to be everywhere this year. Perhaps the Halloween theme got to the designers' heads. This particular example was a little less vibrant than some, but orange ...

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    Brits won't be getting version of Opel GT

    The Vauxhaull brand is Britain's own little version of Opel, the General Motors brand sold throughout the rest of Europe. While it may seem cool the Brits don't have to buy the same Opels as the rest of the old country, there are drawbacks. One big one is the announcement recently that Vauxhaull ...

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    V6 Corvette rumors are rumored to be true!

    Rumors of a V6-powered Corvette model have been floating around for years but weren't taken very seriously until Motor Trend decided to spend some ink on it a few issues ago and predict the six-cylinder model would revive the "Sting Ray" name. The model would basically be a Chevy-branded version of ...

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    Gouging the Sky: Saturn dealers markup roadster

    So you go down to your local Saturn dealer to at least attempt to buy their sexiest offering to date, the Sky. Under the much-marketed impression that Saturn offers no haggle, bottom-of-the-line pricing, you expect to walk in, look at the sticker and walk out with your new drop top for the price ...

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    Transformers Update: Jazz will be played by a Pontiac Solstice

    UPDATE 1: new pic added of Solstice JazzLooks like Autobot member Jazz will be joining Bumblebee in getting a new set of car clothes to wear in the upcoming Transformers film directed by Michael Bay. Several sources are confirming that Jazz, traditionally shown as a Martini Porsche 935 Turbo race ...

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    Solstice a formidable opponent at SCCA

    Pontiac's newest offering to the convertible market has been gaining more traction (pun intended) in the world of motor sport. Nowhere is that pervasiveness being felt more than in the Showroom Stock B (SSB) class of the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA). Before 2006, the top slots were dominated ...

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    GM announces Solstice GXP pricing

    General Motors' Pontiac division chose (what else) the summer solstice to reveal the price for its top of the line Solstice model. The 260 hp Solstice GXP will appear in dealerships this fall sporting a sticker price of $25,995 (including destination charges).With 47 percent more power than the ...


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