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pontiac grand prix

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    Official: GM recalling 8.4M cars, 8.2M related to ignition problems [UPDATE]
    Recall Covers Equivalent Populations Of Nine US States And District Of Columbia Combined 1404156600

    General Motors today announced a truly massive recall covering some 8.4 million vehicles in North America. Most significantly, 8.2 million examples of the affected vehicles are being called back due to "unintended ignition key rotation," though GM spokesperson Alan Adler tells Autoblog that this ...

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    Woodward: Showcasing the strange sights of the Woodward Dream Cruise

    When we think Woodward Dream Cruise, thoughts of muscle cars and golden oldies pass between our ears. But while we're all about the painstakingly restored classics, there is always a little room in our hearts for anything emanating from the land of misfit rides. Whether you're talking about ...

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    Eight vehicles you can still buy new... seriously

    Eight vehicles you can still buy new – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Was your heart crushed when vehicles like the Mercury Sable, Pontiac Grand Prix or Dodge Durango got the axe? Well, fear not – these hot little numbers (and many more!) are still available from dealerships ...

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    Video: How did that Pontiac Grand Prix end up in a tree?

    Click above to watch the video after the jump We see a lot of weird, sometimes funny stuff on our nation's streets and highways, but we usually don't feel compelled to share any of it with you. Until today. Wednesday, March 3 was a cool, dry day in southeast Michigan, so we weren't expecting any ...

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    Great Vengeance and Furious Anger: Samuel L. Jackson Pontiac voiceover outtake *NSFW* [w/VIDEO]

    Click above to listen to Samuel L. Jackson's Pontiac Grand Prix commercial outtake after the jump
    Samuel L. Jackson has been a pop culture phenomenon since long before he strode onto the set of Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction as hitman Jules Winnfield. And the smooth-talking actor has ...

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    Top 10 Greatest Pontiacs Of All Time

    With Pontiac's death official, we decided it was only appropriate to take a look back to find the ten greatest vehicles that defined the brand's performance. As you will see and undoubtedly already know, there was a time when Pontiac really did build excitement. First, some history: Pontiac was ...

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    GM recalling 1.4 million passenger cars over potential engine fires

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has just announced a major recall covering nearly 1.5 million General Motors passenger cars from the late 90's and early 2000s. The recall affects various Buick, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, and Pontiac models equipped with normally aspirated versions of ...

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    GM Strike update: Plants close in Canada due to lack of supplies

    Our neighbors to the north have official felt the crunch of the strike here at home, with the Oshawa, Ontario plant closing down production today after it ran out of parts to produce the Chevrolet Impala. Unfortunately, 3,000 workers have had to punch out and head home for the day as a result.It's ...

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    Pontiac says goodbye Grand Prix, hello G8

    It's not like we didn't see it coming, but now that GM is officially tossing the Grand Prix nameplate, we're a little sad. My first car was a 1979 Grand Prix coupe inherited from my parents. It was rear wheel drive, just like the upcoming G8 replacing it. Tony Clarke, president of GM North America, ...

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    Fox News' Geraldo Rivera goes 'nucular' on GM, Ford

    None other than Geraldo 'Take-Him-Or-Leave-Him' Rivera whipped out a Dubya-style haymaker on General Motors and Ford Wednesday, calling the automakers' present fiscal and public-relations gulag the result of 'whining' management and too many 'crap' cars. Not exactly the prose of florid journalist, ...


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