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    Fast & Furious franchise framers feeling fine for fifth film? [w/POLL]

    Click above to see a gallery of stills from The Fast and The Furious 4
    Amazing what a huge opening weekend at the box office can do. After debuting with a record-breaking $72.5 million haul in its first few days, the fourth installment, Fast & Furious tapered off a bit last week at $28 ...

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    STUDY: 76% of Americans believe economy can survive without GM

    According to The Detroit Free Press, Rasmussen Reports called 1,000 people and asked them if they believed "the economy could recover without General Motors in business." The results were clear: 76% of respondents said "Yes, it can." The sentiment against any more taxpayer money being used to ...

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    Detroit News web poll asks if buying a foreign car is un-American

    It's really hard to figure what's dumber here: the Detroit News "CyberSurvey" that asks, in the wake of the vandalism (four cars) that took place in the Detroit area over the weekend, "Is buying a foreign car un-American?" or the fact that 60% of respondents answer it in the affirmative. Good ...

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    Poll: New York 2008: Top debuts of the show (w/ Poll)

    The 2008 New York Auto Show press preview is in the books, and now it's the public's turn to roam the floor in the Javits Center. After thinking things over, we thought we'd put together a video of our top five most significant introductions from the show. New York served as a launching pad for ...

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    Online voters name upcoming Alfa hatch "Furiosa"

    Furiosa. That's what the new hatchback from Alfa Romeo will be called, by virtue of an international competition to choose the car's name.The Italian automaker is getting farther away from the Alfa-numeric (pun intended) nomenclature and giving its models more emotive nameplates instead. The web ...

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    Aw Snap! Poll reveals most Germans want speed limit on Autobahn

    Three days ago we scoffed at an EU official's suggestion that a speed limit should be applied to the remaining sections of Germany's famous Autobahn that remain free to speed. While reports indicated that speed-loving Germans were up in arms over the idea, a recent poll shows that two in three ...

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    Ford Falcon XR Ute Rip Curl Edition challenges Renault's Rip Curl Clio for surf-brand supremacy (with Poll!)

    Click photo to enlargeSure, this week's all about Geneva, but there are still some stragglers left over from Melbourne that we want to make mention of. Take the above, for example -- it's Ford Australia's Falcon XR Ute Rip Curl Edition. As you might surmise, the neo-Ranchero is adorned with Rip ...

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    POLL: Should Pontiac change its logo?

    Seems like more than a few automakers still believe that little tweaks can have a big impact. Consider all the hoopla over Ford reviving the Taurus and Sable names. Likewise, Pontiac actually unveiled a new concept logo at the Chicago Auto Show last week that could be found between the nostril-like ...

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    POLL RESULTS: What you think of Car and Driver's redesign... eek, not good

    What we're hearing from the masses is that of those who participated in our totally unscientific poll, the vast majority either hate Car and Driver's new redesign or couldn't even tell the book had been redesigned anyway. Sounds like Mission Accomplished, if you ask us. There are a few peeps that ...

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    POLL: Over 70% of Americans want 40 MPG to be the law

    So we read over this report by the Civil Society Institute that polled U.S. citizens on their support of a federally-mandated increase in fuel efficiency, so that vehicles in the U.S. would achieve over 40 MPG. A mind-boggling 78-percent answered "yes" when asked. However, the questions posed ...

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    POLL Results: RR of the Week

    Despite a lopsided fight of four Subarus against one lonely Mitsubishi EVO in our latest RR of the Week poll, the lone EVO proved to be the better car, at least by our voters' standards. It could also be the case that Mitsubishi fans united in support the single EVO, whereas WRX faithful were split ...

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    POLL: RR of the Week

    click on any image for a refresherThis week we decided to narrow the focus of our RR of the Day selections to include just two cars that are natural born enemies: the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution and the Subaru WRX/WRX STi. From the submissions that poured in we've been forced to conclude that ...

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    POLL: RR of the Week

    click on any image to visit original postWe're totally in love with this week's group of reader rides. They each have their own unique qualities that make them special and interesting, and from the comments you showed that you all thought so, too. But now it's time to pick RR of the Week, a ...

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    POLL RESULTS: Leadership isn't Ford's biggest problem

    Our latest poll shows that the majority of you (51%, that's a mandate right?) believe that the CEO isn't the problem over at Ford Motor Company. However, Mr. Mulally should take heart in the fact that 30% of you believe he seems like the right fit for the job. Rounding out the pack were the 14% of ...

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    POLL: Has Ford found the right man for the job?

    That's the big question. Alan Mulally has no experience in the automotive industry, but he is considered to be an accomplished turnaround artist after whipping into shape the commercial airplane division of Boeing and returning that business to profitability. But did Bill Ford remove himself from ...

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    New poll shows Michigan public down on domestics

    Even as the domestic manufacturers lose the East and West coast, they can always count on Michiganders to buy something from the Big 3, right? A new poll by the Detroit News and WXYZ-TV7 shows that a rather surprising 51 percent think that Detroit is doing a "poor" or "only fair", and ...

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    Harris poll ranks the top "buzz-worthy" vehicles from 2005

    Of the vehicles released in 2005, the Chevrolet Cobalt generated the most "buzz" among Generation Y buyers, with the Hummer H3 attracting the most attention from grunge-era Gen Xers. Baby-boomers flocked to Dodge's retro-esque Charger, and the grey-haired set went bonkers for the Ford Five ...

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    POLL: Big Apple's Best of Show

    The New York Auto Show has come and gone but since it's the last major show of the season we're trying to make it linger as long as we can. To that effect we're interested to know which vehicle the Autoblog community believes is Best of Show. Your 20 choices are below in the drop down menu, but ...

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    Poll results: GM debuted the right Camaro Concept

    After the release of photos showing other candidates for what became GM’s Camaro Concept, Autoblog readers have voted in our informal poll that company indeed debuted its best effort. When asked if GM debuted the right Camaro Concept, 64-percent of you voted “Absolutely”, while ...

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    Pony Poll Winner!

    What a come from behind victory for the Dodge Challenger in our Pony Poll. Throughout the entire day Wednesday the Camaro Concept was out in front, and at some point early Thursday morning the Challenger made a move to pass and never looked back. Still, the results were incredibly close, especially ...


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