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    ETC: BMW Ultimate Swimming Machine leaves German police feeling soggy

    Four men were pulled over in the German town of Eibenstock in what a police report described as "a convertible of a slightly different kind." What made this BMW 3 Series Convertible different? It was filled with 530 gallons of water. Yes, four German men had turned their car into a swimming ...

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    Video: What should Alex Roy's next car be?

    Alex Roy needs your help picking his next car – Click above to watch video after the jump
    Alex Roy is using his Fast Lane Daily video column to ask for your help. The transcontinental speed specialist has just moved to Santa Monica, California and his record-setting Polizei-liveried BMW is ...

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    Flash Mob: Police reportedly bust illegal night race on Hockenheim circuit

    We don't condone illegal behavior here at Autoblog. Heaven forbid. But if you are going to break the law, this strikes us as a good way to go about it. Reports out of Germany indicate that a group of some 100 people in 43 cars descended upon the Hockenheimring (host of the German Grand Prix) in ...


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