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    Report: BMW's Quandt family in hot water over Merkel campaign contributions

    The mysterious and elusive Quandt family is in hot water again, nearly two years after its Nazi connections during World War II were exposed. The German family's patriarch, Herbert Quandt, nearly single-handedly saved BMW from being bought out by Daimler-Benz in 1959. Now, three living family ...

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    Official: Australians elect senator from Motoring Enthusiast Party

    Ricky Muir brings new meaning to the phrase "public servant." Muir is one of the newest members of the Australian Senate, and while the title of "Senator" makes it easy to stereotype him as a typical politician, his choice of political party is a far cry from the Liberal and Labor parties that ...

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    Report: Obama's limo to carry tax-protest license plate [w/video]

    The United States of America was created in part behind the belief that we should not have taxation without representation, so it is rather ironic that Washington, D.C. must deal with this same problem that helped spark the American Revolution. For years, residents of Washington, D.C. have had ...

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    Opinion: Is Toyota unstoppable?

    Big T Is Back Despite Recalls, Earthquakes And Politics Can anything slow Toyota down? Only a couple of years ago, the Japanese giant seemed as vulnerable as a sumo wrestler with vertigo as it struggled to explain away a series of safety and quality snafus that forced it to recall an ...

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    Report: GM resuming political donations

    In the spring of 2009, General Motors took a break from swimming in the political pool. Now that it's done toweling off the bankruptcy blues, The General is reportedly ready for another dip. According to The Wall Street Journal, the Detroit automaker has just lifted a self-imposed political ...

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    Report: California scraps 'Cool Cars' legislation, automakers, law enforcement cheer

    California's controversial "cool cars" guidelines have been laid to rest. According to a report from The Detroit News, the ill supported legislation is no more and automakers can rejoice. The pressure was too much for the California Air Resources Board (CARB) to handle any longer, and automakers, ...

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    Maryland judge green-lights swastika car lawsuit

    As a political statement against Maryland politician E. J. Pikpkin's run for national office, Charles Richter painted a swastika on his car next to the words "Vote Pipken" and parked it legally on a public street. The same day it was parked, a sheriff's deputy ticketed the car as abandoned. Two ...

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    Obama a Prius? Palin a Camaro? Politics get revved up

    We try to stay out of politics here at Autoblog, but sometimes, events obligate us to jump into the fray. The latest event is a Harvard Business School professor's comparison of the two leading presidential candidates to automobiles. John Quelch said in an interview with Newsweek that he thinks of ...

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    Ron Paul racing for NASCAR vote?

    The stupendous amounts of money being spent on the presidential race have got supporters of non-front-running candidates coming up with novel ways to keep up the fight. Aficionados of Republican candidate Ron Paul have created Ron Paul Racing, a web site gathering pledges to brand a NASCAR car ...

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    NHTSA's official line from now on: "Don't quote me on that"

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is the government's point-man and watchdog when it comes to automotive safety issues. Due to its teams of scientists and researchers, it is also the government's detective and repository of knowledge regarding such matters. And now, thanks to its ...

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    Ford's spindoctor exits stage left

    When FoMoCo was looking to reshape its image in March 2005, it hired a top political strategist to help it turn things around. But after only 18 months on the job, Josh Gottheimer is on his way out the door. Gottheimer instituted the "180 degrees in 180 days" campaign to rejuvenate Ford, teaming up ...


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