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    Carbon Motors releases first video of E7 cop car and in-car gadgets

    Law enforcement officers have more reasons to be excited with Carbon Motors' release of a few more images and a video of its purpose-built Police car. The E7, as it is currently known, looks to be much more capable than the thousands of Crown Vics, Impalas and Chargers currently roaming our streets ...

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    Carbon Motors releases real shots of purpose-built E7 police car

    Click above for more shots of the Carbon Motors E7
    We haven't heard a peep from Carbon Motors in a very long time, but that doesn't mean the company hasn't been hard at work on its purpose-built E7 police car concept. To prove that it's moving forward, the automaker-to-be has just released two ...

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    Mitsubishi i MiEV police car has SUPER ARREST POTENTIAL!

    Click image to enlargeSomewhere, our pal Mike Bumbeck is smiling, because Mitsubishi has produced yet another vehicle worthy of its classic "Super Potential" slogan. No, there's no new-fangled Starion, unfortunately, but there is now an i MiEV police car. Mitsubishi has supplied one of the teensy ...

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    Volkswagen Beetle police cruiser, the "bug-erceptor"

    It's a rather undignified process, being pulled over by the police. Next time you're sitting at the side of the road with the lights flashing in your rearview mirror, just think of this: at least you weren't pulled over by a VW Beetle. Unless you reside in Blount County, Tennessee, where Archie ...

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    Calling all cars: Carbon Motors purpose-built police car

    Checker did it with taxi cabs a generation and a half ago, but since then, purpose-built working cars haven't been produced in mass quantities. Carbon Motors thinks it's about time the fuzz get their own purpose-built ride, instead of being forced to modify a civilian car. Law enforcement agencies ...

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    New Volvo V70 Police Car debuts in UK

    click above image for high-res galleryWhile Michigan cops are switching over from Crown Vics to Impalas, the UK police are holding fast with their police cruisers and have debuted the redesigned Volvo V70 in police spec with a new livery. Volvo touts the V70's interior space and increased payload ...

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    Aussie police get Jeep Wrangler CRD

    Click image for galleryIn Australia, the Victoria Police have acquired a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport powered by the available 2.8L CRD. The off-roader is essentially a special-use vehicle that will be used around Melbourne and other venues to help promote a snow safety campaign during the ski ...

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    2008 Saleen S302 Extreme with 600+ HP arrives late summer

    Click above for small high-res gallery of BarricadeSaleen is still celebrating its high-profile involvement with the summer blockbuster Transformers movie, the highlight of which for us was seeing the Decepticon Barricade, a Saleen S281 Extreme, throw down with Bumblebee, a Chevy Camaro Concept. As ...

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    In Victoria, the fuzz gets new Commodore SS cruisers

    Click image for photo galleryThe Commodores are now in full swing, hitting police departments across Australia. We refer not to the classic funk band, of course, but to GM Holden's sweet, V8-powered, soon-to-be-a-Pontiac (maybe) sedan. Our man Dane Muldoon said it's quite the fun machine after ...

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    T3 motion cop trike ensures unsuccessful getaway for crooks on foot

    Visitors to the 2007 International Security Convention West show (ISC West) in Las Vegas had a chance to get up close and personal with the future of police patrol vehicles. On display was the new three-wheeled chariot from T3 Motion. Sort of a Segway with sirens, the T3 Series security model ...

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    Holden VE Commodore protects, serves Aussies. Still goes fast, too.

    Click image for 3-shot hires galleryEven the cops in Australia have it over us. While we wait (impatiently) for the Pontiac G8 to start rolling off transport ships originating from the island continent sometime next year, the new VE Commodore is now entering fleet duty as a police interceptor. ...

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    Ford recalling Crown Vic Interceptors for potential danger during high-speed pursuits

    Note to criminals: if you're planning to be the lead car in a high-speed pursuit, your odds of getting away just got ever so slightly better. Ford Motor Company has decided to conduct a voluntary recall of its Crown Victoria police package Interceptor model (2003 model shown) because of small ...

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    Lotus donates Exige to Aussie police department

    Click image for photo galleryLotus cars has donated a brand-new Exige to the Bankstown, NSW police force. The six-month loan gives the local constabulary a head-turner that it plans to leverage in community policing projects, particularly with regard to reaching out to local youths and car ...

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    Alberta woman fined $632 CDN for passing a cop too fast

    Alright, do we have your attention? The details of this story make it a bit more understandable. As it turns out, Valerie Montgomery was fined $632 Canadian dollars for not slowing down while passing an emergency vehicle, in this case a police car that had pulled someone else over on the shoulder ...

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    Ford and Dodge ready to fight over police departments

    As automakers are moving away from fleet sales, there is one segment they just can't seem to say no to. The relatively high-margin law enforcement vehicle field has been pretty much dominated through the years by large rear-drive domestic sedans. Up until recently, that had meant a Ford Crown ...

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    Alfa Romeo 159 new Italian "Pantera"

    Many precincts in the U.S. are ecstatic over their new Dodge Charger police cruisers, but Italian police are just as pleased to replace their fleet of Fiat Mareas with the new Alfa 159. Police cruisers in Italy are called Panteras, which means "Panther" in English, and the crime-fighting Pantera ...

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    Citizen review of Charger police cruiser

    No doubt many of you have already begun seeing Dodge Charger police cruisers patrolling your neighborhoods. As soon as Michelle Wingard of Amherst, OH (population 14,000) saw a Charger with a light bar trolling in her neck of the woods she made a B-line to the precinct to get a closer look. Thanks ...

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    Detroit fuzz first with hydrogen fuel cell cop car

    Well, it’s not actually the Detroit police. Those brave souls would do well to soldier on with their heavily armored Crown Vics. It’s actually the campus police of Wayne State University in Detroit who have received the first hydrogen fuel cell-powered police vehicle in the world. The ...


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