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High fuel prices have surely altered most consumer's driving habits. The gas crunch has gotten bad enough that even police units have found it necessary to change their routines. For instance, in Palm Bay, Florida, Police Chief William Berger has banned officers from allowing their patrol cars to idle. The only circumstances where idling a police vehicle is permissible is when an animal or prisoner is left inside the vehicle. Turning off the vehicle sometimes requires on-board computers to be re

At the annual vehicle testing roundup run by the Michigan State Police at the Chrysler Proving Ground, AutoblogGreen had the chance to chat with Lt. David Halliday about fuel economy and alternative fuel powertrains in law enforcement vehicle. With the increase in fuel costs over the past few years, one hard hit group is police agencies. Many forces and in particular state police agencies spend a significant amount of time patrolling and consuming fuel which has a major impact on their operating

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