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    Video: Iowa policeman barely missed by flying car

    Sometimes in life we just get lucky, and that is exactly what two Iowa police are experiencing after narrowly escaping a pickup truck that careened off the road. The whole incident was caught on one of the officer's dashboard-mounted cameras. According to ABC News, the crash happened on March 17 ...

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    Video: Monkey bites rookie cop issuing a speeding ticket

    Police officers are trained to be very careful when approaching vehicles they have pulled over, but we're sure at least one rookie cop in Texas will be extra vigilant in the future. Aransas Pass (just east of Corpus Christi) rookie officer Keith Moore was issuing a speeding ticket to a driver of ...

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    Video: Watch Brazilian police intentionally ram car into plane during takeoff

    Yesterday, we got to see the first trailer for Grand Theft Auto V, and today we have video of one of the missions. But wait just a second – this isn't a video game, it's real life. An in-car video camera has captured footage of two unnamed Brazilian police officers going after some bad ...

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    Video: Watch the Florida Highway Patrol chase down a speeding Miami cop in his own squad car

    You're a Miami police officer, so high-speed blasts down the highway probably aren't anything new to you. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that when you're late to your off-duty moonlighting gig, you'd run your marked, Miami-Dade Police cruiser up to 120 miles per hour through traffic and do ...

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    Video: Ohio woman leads police on triple-digit topless car chase

    God willing, you will never party this hard. Police in Bainbridge, Ohio were recently led on a high-speed chase that saw a renegade driver clocked at 110 mph. According to Cleveland's Fox 8 News, after officers deployed spike strips to bring the fleeing sedan to a halt, they were met with a ...

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    Video: Traffic cop at Isle of Man TT shows lighter side of policing

    The 2011 Isle of Man TT has come and gone. Like everything in this day and age, it will continue to live on thanks to videos posted on the internet. One such video has nothing to do with the actual race, instead it shows a local policeman who knows how to have fun on the job. The British Crown ...

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    Video: Sternest speeding warning ever?

    A policeman gives speeders a lesson in penal system – Click above to watch video after the jump
    When a police officer stops you for speeding, even if they give you a ticket, they will often try to provide some sort of additional deterrent to keep you from lead-footing it again. This could ...

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    NSFW VIDEO: How NOT to get out of a speeding ticket

    Most of us have gotten speeding tickets before, and it's usually not a pleasant experience. It's "Yes sir" and "No, sir" and "Thank you" while the officer is chastising us for whatever minor infraction we've incurred. All the while, you're thinking to yourself, "I was doing 8 mph over the speed ...


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