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police raid

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    Report: Two Ferrari-faking workshops busted in Spain [w/video]

    We sort of understand why the next door neighbor might indulge in a "Ferriero" project (a mid-engine Pontiac Fiero with homemade bodywork resembling a Ferrari), but we simply can't fathom why anybody would pay 40,000 euros for a fake Ferrari built from a front-engine, front-wheel-drive Toyota. An ...

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    French auto-journo hauled off for espionage

    If you're in France, the phrase caveat emptor can probably be joined by caveat reporter after police raided the French magazine Auto Plus. The po-po were called last August to begin an investigation because the magazine published detailed photos of the coming Renault Megane, which Renault said ...

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    Police raid California car enthusiast gathering to generate revenue

    It isn't uncommon for automotive enthusiast groups to organize gatherings in large commercial parking lots. Quite often the local businesses even support the groups due to increased sales generated by the crowds. Such is apparently not the case in Riverside, California. The city believes large ...

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    Unique Performance raided by local police

    Unique Performance, located in the Dallas, Texas area, was raided by police today. The news does not come as a huge shock to some as Unique has been in legal trouble with customers awaiting their restored Mustangs, but never receiving them. Carroll Shelby also recently severed licensing ties with ...


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