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police chase

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    Teenager in go-kart evades German police

    A wannabe race driver lead police on a 3-mile pursuit through the streets of a German town last Friday while behind the wheel of a go-kart. The 18-year-old driver had all of seven squad cars on the chase, but they couldn't keep up with the kart's high speeds through the corners. The teenager even ...

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    LAPD to use GPS projectile to chase crooks

    High speed chases with cops and robbers may make for great TV, but the dangerous activity puts lives and property in danger, and sometimes the bad guy gets away. The LAPD has some of the most elaborate pursuits ever put on tape, but the new StarChase Pursuit Management System may help them nab ...

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    Armless, one-legged man proves elusive for police in downtown chase

    var digg_url = ''; If one were to create of list of things needed to successfully elude the police in a chase, you'd think a full assortment of limbs would be pretty high on the list. Michael Francis Wiley, 40, from Florida ...

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    Supreme Court rules that police can chase, even if it endangers lives

    Common sense dictates that if you run from the police, it will end badly. In our oft-litigious society, suing as a means to evade responsibility is a popular option. In 2001, 19-year-old Victor Harris engaged Coweta County deputy sheriff Timothy Scott in a dangerous chase on rain-slicked roads. To ...

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    Shelby GT police chase commercial

    One thing that seems to be working at Ford is the advertising group's creativity. There have been some pretty clever ideas coming from those studios, and if you follow this link to the Shelby Autos website, you'll see the fruits of their labor once again. As a follow up to the Mustang GT burnout ...

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    Five-0 meets F-1

    Think you could out-run a police cruiser? Think again. At least not in London. London Metropolitan Police have apparently "acquired" two Renault F1 cars as pursuit vehicles. A police department spokesman enumerated a number of potential problems, including the noise, fuelling up, the overwhelming ...


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