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police chase video

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    Video: Check out these safe new ways police can stop criminals in their tracks

    We've all seen police chases where officers have to throw spike strips into the roadway, but an Arizona-based company called Pacific Scientific has created some new tools to stop bad guys without putting any officers in harm's way. Both the Pit-BUL (Ballistic Undercarriage Lanyard) and the ...

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    Video: Porsche thief leads Aussie cops on crazy car chase

    When was the last time a high profile police chase caught by television cameras ended with the driver getting away? Thankfully, we can't think of any examples, but most bad guys don't have a stolen Porsche Boxster at their disposal. A 23-year-old on Australia's Gold Coast had just such an escape ...

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    Video: Hoax or No? Drifter with a deathwish makes fool out of police

    Fast and Furious 6: Mayhem in Malaysia – Click above to watch video after the jump
    Unless this is footage from Zoolander 2: Blue Steel Drift Assassin, this drifter has a serious issue with the local authorities. We have to believe this is some kind of stunt rather than footage of someone ...


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