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105CHP seizes medical records of woman seen repeatedly struck by officer [w/video]

In early July, a video of Marlene Pinnock being struck repeatedly by a patrolman on the side of a Los Angeles Interstate stirred allegations of police brutally against the California Highway Patrol. Pinnock was reportedly walking in traffic on the freeway when a CHP officer responded to the scene. According to police, she resisted arrest, and a passing motorist filmed a portion of the ensuing altercation that left the woman in the hospital. The video subsequently went viral.

304Police Order Forced Colonoscopy On Man Who Ran Stop Sign

The hospital that conducted the procedure has billed the man for the police-ordered exams

An unbelievable sequence of events led one New Mexico man from a routine traffic stop to an extremely invasive and unwanted medical procedure ordered by police.

493Cop Throws Family To Ground During Traffic Stop

A concerned bystander captured the encounter on tape

A traffic stop in Washington Township, Ohio, ended with a family, including a 14-year-old boy, thrown to the ground.

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