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polaris rzr

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    Video: Polaris RZR in spectacular Dukes Of Hazzard cliff-climb mishap

    If Bo Duke were still going at it today, he might have a buzz cut and drive an orange Polaris RZR, but he sure as Hell wouldn't crash his ride – especially if Luke Duke were in the passenger seat. That said, this modern-day Dukes of Hazzard wannabe didn't have his cousin riding shotgun, and ...

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    Video: Polaris RZR 4 turned into 640-HP monster truck

    When is a monster truck not really a monster truck at all? Well, looking past the fact that we don't know of any competition-ready monster trucks that actually have such trucky items as a working pickup bed or even a passenger seat, perhaps the answer is when it's made from a Polaris RZR. A ...

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    Video: Ride along during a Pikes Peak practice session in the mightily manhandled RZR-X

    We all love talking about the Unlimited Class vehicles that take on the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb (for good reason, of course). There are plenty of other classes though, and some of the drivers helming these vehicles are clearly insane. Take Doug Siddens, for example. Siddens is ...


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